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Narayan Shyam

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Biography of Narayan Shyam

Sindhi Poet - Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award
6th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1970

narayan_shyamMasters and critics of the Sindhi language and literature have a common view about the famous Sindhi poet Narayan Shyam that he the only one after the Shah Sahib who not only have control on language and expression but he is the ocean of vocabulary even in Farsi also.

Narayan Shyam was born as the son of Dewan Gokuldas and Jamunadevi Nagwani on 22 July 1922 at a small village Khahi Kasim of Taluka Naushahro Feroze of Nawabshah district in Sindh. As he grow the freedom movement gets more and more stronger, at the time of partition in 1947 he was working as teacher of Persian [Farsi] language at his birth village.

After the partition family was shifted to India and Narayan completed his B.A. from Mumbai University. Soon he was in service of post and telegram department in the accounts section as a clerk. His poetry was unique in the sense that when he started his literary journey he was lover boy of the critics but after the partition his language become so easy to understand that he become darling of masses.

During the entire period from 1953 to 1988 [Time span of his first and last publication] though he wrote only 11 books but still his every word and line is still worth to watch. I would like to quote just four lines from his book "Wari-a-Bharyo Paland" for which he was honored with prestigious "Sahitya Academy Award" in 1970.

“Saro Dinhu Kanda Rahiya
Bar Nandi-e-bhar Rand
Sanjhi Mahal Chhade Uthiya
Wari-a-Bharyal Paland”

He retired from service 1980 as the Head clerk and has worked as the convener of Sahitya Academy from 1978 to 1987. He died on 10 January 1989 at Delhi.

Literary Work – Publications of Narayan Shyam

List of Books by Narayan Shyam

1953: Mak Phuda [With Hari Dilgir]

1955: Pankhrun

1957: Rang Rati Lahar

1962: Roshan Chhanvaro

1964: Mak Bina Rabel

1968: Wari-a-Bharyo Paland

1972: Achhiende Laj Maran

1983: Mahaki Vel Subah Ji

1987: N So Rangu N So Surhan

1988: Dati Ain Hayat 1 and 2