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About Nasik

Nasik is one among the four religious cities of India where largest Hindu celebration "Kumbh" is celebrated at the interval of every twelve years. Nasik or Nashik is also home of one of 12 Jotarlings in Inda. Besides the religious importance Nasik is also known for the industrial growth and agricultural products specially Onion and Grape crops.  

Nasik Sindhi Population

When we say Sindhi population of Nasik it means number of Sindhi living at Nasik city, Nasik road and Deolali Sindhi camp. As per our information nearly 2000 Sindhi families are living at Deolali camp where as approx 4000 Sindhi families are living at Nasik city and Nasik road area. Estimated Sindhi population of Nasik is just over the 40,000 [forty thousand].

Sindhiyat Ja Sipahi – Nasik

These prominent, popular Sindhi personalities from the city are involved with preservation and promotion of Sindhi language & Sindhiyat.


Famous Sindhi


Famous Sindhi List

Amarlal Chawla
Anilkumar Gyanchandani
Arjundas Kathpal
Bhagwan Kataria
Bhimandas Panjwani
Gobindram Kachhela
Hemant Tarani
Kanayalal Kewalramani 
Kanhaiyalal Althakar
Kanhaiyalal Kalani
Kanhaiyalal Manwani
Kripaldas Karamchandani
Pherumal Phulwani
Rajan Dalwani
Rajendra Puraswani
Ratan Chawla
Shankarlal Jaisinghani 
Sitaldas Balani
Tarun Nihalani

Sindhi Professionals


Sindhi Doctors :: Manshani Dr.Sudarshan - Rawlani Dr. Kashish (BDS) - Rawlani Dr. Santosh - Talreja Dr.Raj CA & Advocates  :: Adv. Nilam Rijhwani Engineers & Architects :: Other Professionals  ::

Sindhi Shan : Nasik


These are the Sindhi personalities of the city who brought moment of pride for entire Sindhi community of the city. They might be a renowned social worker, a professional, a successful businessmen or even Sindhi youth. Click Here for individual Information .....

Sindhi Panchayat Nasik

Unique thing about Sindhi community of Nasik is establishment of Nasik Zila Sindhi Panchayat Federation, a registered body, which is apex body of all Sindhi Panchayat in Nasik District. All the essential details are included on Nasik Sindhi Panchayat Page .

Sindhi Dharamshala Nasik

Sindhi Dharam Shala is not just a place of community activities of Sindhis but many of these buildings are used as the tourist stay home.  To book a room please contact on the telephone number given along with name.
Khatwari Sindhi Dharam Shala, Panchvati
Seva Kunj Sindhi Dharam Shala, Agara Road Panchvati
Chuhadmal Gidumal Advani Sindhi Dharamshala, Ram Ghat
Shri Radhakishan Motumal Sindhi Dharam Shala, Nr. Panchvati fountain
Shri Guru Nanak Sindhi Dharam Shala, Nr. Seva Kunj Gau Shala
Shri Jawahar Sindhi Dharam Shala Tapovan Road Panchvati

Other Sindhi Institutions at Nasik

Sindhi community of Nasik is instrumental for many social organisations, even the Sindhi ladies are not legging behind on this front. Details of these institutions / organisations is given on Nasik Other Sindhi Institutions Page.

Sindhi Press

The Sindhu World Directory Nasik

City wise Data base of Sindhi in India - TSW Sindhu Directory App - is launched on 10 April 2017 The Golden Anniversary Day of inclusion of Sindhi language to Indian Constitution. To include your personal & Business Details in TSW Sindhu Directory App Fill the Directory Form. Click here for free download of App

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