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Noori Jam Tamachi

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About Story

Noori is the only queen among the seven heroines of famous Sindhi poet Shah Abdul Latif, the creator of legendary “Shah Jo Risalo”, whose life doesn’t ended with a tragedy. So even being part of Tragic Romance of Sindh, folklore of Noori Jam Tamachie is expression of genuine love. You can also say that this is only love and pure love reflecting from the Tomb of Noori at Kenjhar Lake, constructed by King Jam Tamachi. This story also narrates that love is boundary less in all senses.

Story: Noori Jam Tamachi [Tamachee]

Jam Tamachi (Tamachee) was the one of Samma dynasty king of Sindh, during his rule towards the end of 14th century Thata was capital of Sindh. Jam Tamachi was very fond of hunting and at the end of one such adventure he decided to have some rest at the village situated near the Kenjhar and two other lakes before returning back to the palace.

Most of the villagers living around the lake were the fishermen and fishing was means of their livelihood. Just because of life style and more exposure to sunlight it was natural that fisher women were have a bit more dark skin colour and considered as wild or with less fragrance of manners. In such community Noori was standing all alone not just because of her exceptional beauty but also because of her simplicity and well mannered behavior.

On hearing the news of arrival of the King, villagers started to decorate their homes and everyone was trying to look good. Noori was much curious about the coming of King as she had never seen a person belonging to Royal family just hear that these people wear golden cloths along with variety of precious ornaments. Noori was eager to see the King in person but as far as she concern about herself she was as simple as she was in her day to day life.

This was the incident of love at first sight. As soon as Noori and King Jam Tamachi saw each other they lose their hearts and fall in love of each other. Noori was hesitating as socially both were on the two ends of sky but surprisingly for the all the villagers Kings asked for the hand of Noori in marriage.

After marriage Jam Tamachi become more and more impressed with simplicity, humbleness and polite behavior of Noori. After a few days Jam Tamachi decided to return back to capital and looking at the sad face of Noori, first he promised her that they will keep on visiting the lake and village from time to time and then decide to take her to palace. 

Reaching to palace Noori came to know about the six other queens of Jam Tamchi, all were belonging to Samma clan. King has observed that even the luxuriant environment of palace failed in bringing any change in Noori, but his previous queens become jealous as he was spending more time with Noori and queens were of the thought that a girl is not even entitled for living in Royal family. They kept on whispering about Noori so that Jam Tamachi’s get poisoned towards Noori.

Finally they succeeded as Jam Tamachi after hearing the rumor spread by Queens that Noori is stealing precious Jewels from Palace and handing them to often visiting brother, started to believe it. Even though some of more trustable people of King reported that they have seen Noori handing a box to her brother when he becomes ready to leave the palace, King decided to test it on own.

One day when brother of Noori was ready to go back to home and Noori was about to handover the wooden box to him all of sudden Jama Tamachi along with some soldiers appeared there. He was surprised to see that instead of Jewels the box contains a few bones of fish and a small piece of bread. To the surprise of the King Noori said that this is just because of him she has been elevated to the status of Queen but still she didn’t want to be habituated of the Royal food so whenever his brother come her mother send fish and bread of coarse grain to keep Noori in touch of her traditional food.

This has not just ended the tragic problems of Noori created by other six Queens of Jam Tamachi but she and her husband live a lovable life ever after that. On the death of Noori, Jam Tamachi constructed a Tomb at the same lake around which Noori has spent a major part of her life. Today it is a not just a structure constructed but actually a symbol of love.