Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

P. D. Hinduja

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pd_hindujaParamanand Deepchand Hinduja - Hinduja Foundation

Though our sindhi community is known for our business oriented attitude and life style still there are many eminent sindhi businessmen, who not only by virtue of their business skills but also due to performance of their due duty towards the society have become mile stone in the history of Sindhis. One such great personality was born in 1901 at " Shikarpur " Sindh [ Presently in Pakistan] and was named as Parmanand.

Mumbai [Bombay] is said to be land of realisation of dreams, If you have the courage of working hard for your dreams, the land will provide you ample opportunities for it. The boy Paramanand entered in this city at the tender age of fourteen and was able to construct one of the largest business empire of the world "Hinduja Group".

The basic principle of " Work to give" has helped a lot to Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja in the success at business horizon. He was of the attitude that 'I must respect my words and behave accordingly' and in fact this attitude has made him capable of gaining the Himalayan status in the business world.

This teetotaler and vegetarian man was fortunate enough as he was sharing life with the spiritual minded Jamuna devi, she was always there to inspire him to do more and more for the needy ones. According to Parmanand " My Dharma [Duty] is to work, so that I can give." He was not only a businessman, aware of his social responsibilities but also a nationalist as he has not only supported the nationalist movement but also was a part of freedom struggle.

Parmanand has a habit of keeping a part of his income for the charity . it was 1944 when he took first real major step in the field of humanitarian services by starting a charitable educational trust names as " Shrimati Pahunchbai Deepchand Hinduja Trust" in the memory of his mother, the trust presently is running the KPB Hinduja College of Commerce in Mumbai. 1947, the unfortunate year of the Sindhi history has shown the real helping nature of Parmanand as he helped many of the migrant sindhi family to come over the crises of being homeless and to regain their roots in India.

According to him

"Good Health and Education are not only essential for the progress but also are the fundamental rights of every human"

hence in 1951 he set up an out door clinic - presently developed as the P. D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre-in Mumbai.It was his inspiration that in 1968 " Hinduja Foundation" a public charitable trust came in the existence with the core objectives :


In 1971 Paramand Hinduja passed away but his four sons Srichand and Gopichand [London based UK citizen], Prakash [Geneva based Swiss citizen] and Ashok [Mumbai based Indian citizen] are carrying forward his work.

According to Srichand P Hinduja - chairman of the Hinduja group " Our aim is to build bridges between India and the world, between the past and present, between generations that are and generations to come."

May God bless the Hinduja family by providing them strength to continue the good work of Late Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja.