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Padma Shri Shewak Bhojraj

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Biography : Dada Shewak Bhojraj

Sindhi Freedom Fighter - Balkan Ji Bari - Padma Awards - Famous Sindhi Social Worker

shewak_bhojrajSindhi- a human society with business oriented mind and heritage seldom found social service such attractive to devote entire life for it. Famous Gandhian Sindhi Dada Shewak who was born on 1 October 1906 at Larkana Sindh found serving the Adivasi and taking care of Children such tempting that during his entire life never thought of any thing else. His dedication towards serving society was recognised by government of India and he was awarded with Padma Shri Award in 1983.  This become very clear from his schooling at Larkana, Sukhar and Karachi during his schooling that Shewak Bhojraj is blessed and different from the normal Sindhi. He become impressed with life ideology of Gandhi Ji and started participating in activities associated with freedom of mother land. As Dada Shewak Bhojraj participated in Non Co operation movement, Quite India and Salt Satyagraha so he was sent to zail for several times during his life.

Dada Shewak Bhojraj also found that literature is the instrument not just to record events and history but is most effective way of creating awareness in society and diverting minds towards the desired direction of thoughts so he started a Sindhi Magzine Gulistan for children which in no time become popular among the Sindhi Children and families. For taking care of children he founded Balkan Ji Bari an organisation for children in 1923, in due course of time this organisation was recognised even by United Nations Organisation as one of effective Children welfare organisation working on All India levels.

Two biopic novels, Ashirwad [1933] and Dada Shyam [1934] written on the back ground of freedom struggle of the country by Dada Shewak Bhojraj are enough prof for his literary instant and expressing the way, in which his life was influenced by Gandhian thoughts. He was forced to leave Sindh, as during his participation in Salt Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi at Dandi, he was sent to zail and British Government decided not only to cease is belongings and printing press but also deport his from Karachi.

After being resettled at Khar Mumbai, Dada Shewak Bhojraj not only started to give more time to his child welfare project Balakan Ji Bari but also started an English Magazine Pushpa to popularised this project. This magzine was published regularly till 1949. Silver Jubilee of Balkan Ji Bari was celebrated in 1950 with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru being present as the Chief Guest of the function. This is the lesser known fact that during this function when Nehru Ji were welcomed with a red rose, This was Dada Shewak Bhojraj, who explained him red rose as the symbol of real beauty and true fragrance . Since this day red rose become become integral part of Achkan of Nehru Ji.

Beside the Balkan Ji Bari, Dada Shewak Bhojraj has also worked for the improvement of life status of Adivasi from the remote areas of Maharashtra, specially during last decade of his life. His services to Children and Adivasi were recognised by government of India as in 1983 he was honored with one of highest civil award Padma Shri. This pioneer of Children Welfare movement in India, breathed last on 1 March 1988.