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Padma Shri Hundraj Dukhayal

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Biography : Dada Hundraj Dukhayal

Famous Sindh - Hundraj Lial Ram Dukhayal Manik - Padma Shri  

hundraj_dukhayalHundraj Dhukhayal the national kavi who by his contribution has given Sindhi literature and Sindhi Poetry a new meaning and new heights is considered as the pioneer of modern Sindhi language. He was not just a poet but also renowned freedom fighter and great follower of Mahatma Gandhi. On advice of Mahatma Gandhi he stays back at Pakistan. It is truly unfortunate that he was forced to leave Pakistan and migrate to India under forced and undesirable conditions. His unmatched contribution towards the Sindhi language, literature, cultural heritage and contribution during the freedom movement was saluted by Government of India by felicitating him with Padma Shri Award in the year 1983.

For Modern Sindhi youth instead of normal Biography we are giving here important years and work of Dada Hundraj Dhukhayal.

Birth Date 16 Jan 1910

1921 - Participated in Non-cooperation Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi

1924 - Started Writing Poetry

1930 - During Salt Satyagraha organised Bandar Sena and Swaraja Sena - Launched the Hanuman, a weekly in Sindhi 

1931 - Arrested for writing ‘seditious’ articles against the British rule.

1932 - Released on account of Gandhi - Irwin pact.

1934 - Joined a Harijan School at Larkana as a teacher.

1937 - Launched another weekly in Sindhi.

1941- Established Gandhi Seva Ashram at village of Ratodero in Larkana district.

1942 - Detained in jail for two months during the “Quit India Movement”.

1948 - Imprisonment for two months or fine of Rs. 500 under the charge of manufacturing arms in Ratodero Ashram to unseat the Government of Pakistan.

1949 - Migrated to India.

1951 - Joined Bhoo Dan Movement of Acharya Vinoba Bhave.

1953 - Settled at Adipur Gandhidham and established Sarvodya Press & started publishing Dharti Mata in Sindhi .

1955 - Helped Bhai Pratap in establishing Gandhidham Maitri Mandal.

1983 - Padam Shri Award .

1986-2003 - President of Gandhidham Maitri Mandal.

2003 - 14 January felicitated with prestigious Millennium Award showered by Sindhi Sahitya Academy Delhi.

2003 - 21 November left the physical world for heavenly abode.  

2016 - A documentary titled "Hundraj Dukhayal : A True Sindhi Poet " was released.  [Written and Directed by Jitendra Chauthani ]  

Dada Hundraj Dukhayal – Literary Life

Besides a freedom fighter and social worker Hundraj Lilram Manik was also a famous sindhi poet who writes with pen name “Dukhayal” . He also have a very melodious voice so he sung many patriotic songs and a few sindhi bhajans [devotional songs] . He also worked as the editor of Dharti Mata and Gandhidham Samachar for several years. His some selective books are

Ak Joon Phulidiyun
Hot Hirde mein Vinjayum
Sangeet Anjali
Zindagi Hik Roop Anek

Some of literary awards showered on him are
2003 – Millennium award by Sindhi Sahitya Academy
1992 – International Latif Award by a Sindhi Social organization Sadaeen Gad
1990 – Man of the Year by Ishwaribai Buxani Foundation
1984 – Sindhu Ratan Award by Rajasthan Sindhi Academy
1964 – Literature Award by Education Ministry – Government of India.