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pakodaPakoda - Sanha Pakoda

When it comes to Sindhi Food beside the Potato, Rice, Dal and Papad another prominent and most eaten Sindhi Dish is Pakoda [ also spelled as Pakora]. This is the most famous Sindhi snack which is adopted into their food habits by many other communities also. Probably Pakoda is the only food recipes in the world with which no other recipes can match on number of variants.

Some of the most famous & widely used variants of Pakoda, the fried snack:

Bread Pakoda
Patatan Ja Pakora
Palak Pakoda
Bihan Ja Pakoda [Bih Pakora] (Bihu: Under water stem of lotus flower)
Mirchai Pakora
Panner Pakoda
Egg [Andan Ja] Pakora
Ambadi [Unripe Mango] Ja Pakoda
Mahin Ain Moongan Ji Dal Ja Pakora
Gobi [Cabbage] Ain Kemae [Very Fine and minutely chopped Mutton] Ja Pakora
Dabu [Capsicum] Pakoda


For Basic Dish : 1 small cup [about 100 gms] Gram flour [basen], 1-2 small Onion (chopped), 2-3 Coriander leaves (chopped), Red Chilli powder [to taste], 2-3 Green chillies (finely chopped), 1 table spoon Coriander seeds (Saja Dhana), A pinch of baking soda, Salt to taste, Water, Oil for frying.

Cooking Process

Mix all the ingredients to get a thick batter by using appropriate water be cautious to avoid formation of lumps.
Add few drops say 1 table spoon of hot oil to this batter and mix well again.
Take oil in fry pan for deep frying and allow to heat, Keep the flame medium.
Either with hand or by spoon slide gently the pieces of mixture into hot oil.
Wait till the pieces of mixture gets some what brownish color.
Take out and break into further small pieces.
Fry again till pieces become dark golden brown and crisp.
Serve it hot in the chill humid rainy evening it taste very good with hot cup of tea.

Useful Tip :

A pinch of Mithi Soda makes Pakoda very soft and highly delicious. be sure of having very very thin layer of basen while preparing Bread Pakoda.