Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani


Politics is the probably only life field in which Sindhi participation is not just less but eventually is inadequate to meet with political demands of the time. This might be the commercial attitude of Sindhi people that politics did got attention even from the younger Sindhi generation but the interesting fact is that this may be the L K Advani, Ram Jethmalani or even late Ishwardas Rohani who ever Sindhi entered into politics went on the peak. Here we are including Biography and life work of some famous Sindhi politicians and Sindhi freedom fighter of India.


Ishwardas Rohani

Biography : Ishwardas Rohani : Sindhi Speaker of M. P. Vidhan Sabha Sindhis of Madhya Pradesh especially from the Jabalpur ...
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Jairamdas Daulatram

Biography : Jairamdas DaulatramGandhian Sindhi Politician of Sindh - Jairamdas Daulatram Alimchandani Jairamdas Daulatram is the first name which strikes ...
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Acharaya J B Kriplani

Acharya J B Kriplani - Sindhi Freedom Fighter: Gandhian Socialist Leader One person who can be described as the most ...
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Jethi Sipahimalani

Biography : Sindhi Freedom Fighter : Jethi SipahimalaniKumari Jethi Tulsidas Sipahimalani born on 10 February 1906 at Hyderabad is a ...
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L K Advani

Biography : L K AdwaniBJP's Iron Man - Lal Krishan Advani  Delhi or New Delhi being the capital city of ...
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Ram Jethmalani

Biography : Ram JethmalanTop most Indian Lawyer: Sindhi Genius Of Indian Law  Fertile land of Sindh once again proved its ...
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Shrichand Kriplani

Biography : Shrichand KriplaniFamous Sindhi Politician – Transporter – Rajasthan BJP LeadersShrichand Kriplani a young Sindhi from small town of ...
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Sucheta Kriplani

First Indian Woman Chief Minister: Sucheta Kriplani Sucheta Kriplani , Wife of Famous Socialist Sindhi Leader Acharya Kriplani, was born ...
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Vasudev Devnani

Famous Sindhi Educationist & Politician : Proff. Vasudev Devnani Among the Sindhi community Proff Vasudev Devnani belongs to rare class ...
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