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Popular Sindhi Songs

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Most popular Sindhi Songs

Sindhi Music – Sindhi Singers – Sindhi Lada
This is never easy to list most popular Sindhi Songs as Sindhi language a long illustrated list of most popular Sindhi Songs which gets addition or change from decade to decade. When I was asked to list 20 all-time most popular Sindhi Songs no doubt I was little confused about my success as Sindhi community have a long list of Sindhi Singers staring with Bhagat Kanwarram, Master Chander, Prof. Ram Panjwani, Bhagwanti Navani to modern era 21st century sensation Sindhi Singer Vandana Nirankari, every one of these and many others have own style and such a great influence over the Sindhi music lovers that each and every Sindhi song sung by them appear capable of inclusion to list of most popular Sindhi Songs.
This is strange but very interestingly noticeable thing that business orient Sindhi community is so fond of music and songs that they have tradition of various types of music and song concerts such as Sindhi Lada are the wedding songs where as Bhagat indicates devotional songs. Sindhi community has produce lot of versatile Sindhi singers and musicians who not only enriched the Sindhi language but also become famous world wide. Some of names from the recent Sindhi Singers are Raj Jhuraani, Pinky Maidasani and Payal Bathija.  


Kanwarram Sahib started the tradition of presenting fusion of Sindhi Music, Sindhi Dance and art of telling story as a Sindhi song and was among the pioneer heroes of popular Sindhi Songs. Decades have passed but still when we hear “Nale Alakh Je Bedo Taar Muhinjo” we think this is the most popular Sindhi song. Prof. Ram Panjwani not only successfully carried the tradition of Bhagat Kanwarram but also took to new horizons of popularity with introduction of use of Matki as musical instrument. There is long list of popular Sindhi songs sung by Prof. Ram Panjwani but I prefer to remain attached with “Jian Jogiyada Man Ko Bhero Kan” just for most meaning full lyrics and soul touching voice for inclusion to most popular Sindhi songs.
Master Chander to me is the ever best Sindhi Sufi Kalam and Gazal Singer born in Sindhi community. No doubt without his song “Rutha Hi Rahan Shal Hujen Hayati” any list of most popular Sindhi songs will be considered incomplete. In his song “Angya T Aitra Maan Nndhi Aahiya” he tried to adopt art of Storytelling with music and surprisingly though going away from his own style he made this song entitled for inclusion on list of most popular Sindhi songs. No doubt Mahesh Chander son of Master Chander and Kajal Chandiramani Granddaughter of Prof. Ram Panjwani are trying hard to carry forward the singing tradition . Surly they are among the talented and popular Sindhi singers but still a lot behind the standards of singing set by their ancestors.
When we are talking about most popular Sindhi songs this become meaningless without mention of Bhagwanti Navani, as this folk singer contributed lion share in popularity of Sindhi music and Sindhi Songs. Bhagwanti is identified primarily as Lada [Wedding songs] singer but no one can ignore the popularity of his devotional singing like Sukhmani Sahib [holly script from Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib] and “Thar Mata Thar” dedicated to Goddess. Surely when we will compile the final list of most popular Sindhi songs we will see that she is top contributor.
During the period from 1970 to 1990 Sindhi music and Sindhi songs have adopted new trend of popularity. In these days most popular Sindhi songs were those sung by the young individual or group of Bhagats who often sung during religious gathering. Actually Dilip and Govardhan two young from Katni Madhya Pradesh formed Balak Mandali and started reciting Gurbani though present days professional commitments have forced them to turn to remix songs with lyrics based on music of hit songs of Bollywood films.
Jatin Udasi, Jagdish Mangtani, Mohit Lalwani and Vandana Nirankari are most young birds of sky of Sindhi songs. Jagdish and Mohit are more in religious functions, Jatin in concentrating on live concerts and trying to establish self with music industry of Mumbai, whereas Vandana is appearing to work for return of Sindhi music lovers back to roots that is Kalam singing. She also sung in religious gatherings of Sant Nirankari Mission.
Many famous Sindhi singers musicians like Chandru Atma, Satram Rohida, Kamla Keswani, Kamlesh Kapoor, Lata Bhagtani any more deserve to mentioned in this article about most popular Sindhi songs. I am sure you are now waiting for conclusion of all this discussion and waiting for list of all-time 20 most popular Sindhi songs. So here is same but before that I am not ranking these most popular Sindhi songs from 1 to 20 and leave it with you to rank as you like them.

List : 20 Most Popular Sindhi Songs

Aakhir Kuchh T Dindo – Dindo Katoro
Alayi Je Chha Me Razi Aa
Angya T Aitra Maan Nndhi Aahiya
Bedi Wara Ada Re Muhana Lal Te Vgyna
Bhau T Muhinjo
Hiku Son Jo Rupiyo Hiku Chandi Jo Rupiyo
Jiyan Jogaiyada Man Ko Bhero Kan
Jiye Muhinji Sindh Maan T Ghoriya Zindu
Lado Ladi Aanido
Lal Muhinji Pat Rakhijayn Bhala Jhulelal
Lal Pahinjo Hindoran Me Maan Jhulayan
Muhinji Bedi Athayi Vich Serr Te
Nale Alakh Je Bedo Taar Muhinjo
Par Pujayindo Jhulelal
Pere Pavndi Maan Hath Jodindi Maan
Rakh Saduli-a Te Per Muhinja Mor Lada
Rutha Hi Rahan Shal Hujen Hayati
Satirihan Hazar Muhinji Mau Khe Motaye De
Sik Me Siki Khe Kin Sikayiz
Sindh Huje Ya Hind Huje – Sindhiyn Ja Mela

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