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radhaswami_mastersPhilosophy of Panth

Present era can be termed as era of science & technology and our life is running with many comforts but this is also fact that due to this life style we are also running under the pressures of stress and hence in most need of relaxation for which hope a ray of relief emerging out from the spiritual world. We are in the immediate need of understanding self to get in touch of omnipresent unanimous God. One Sindhi Religious Panth, spiritual thought process, deals with the realization and achievement of God in more scientific way was established way back in 1861 at Agra - The city of Taj by Baba Shivdayal Ji.

According to previous master of this sindhi religious stream Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, Radha Soami is not a religious organization but is a school, where one can get training of spirituality in such effective way that while living on earth, can realize and achieve God without the traditional temple worship way. Just we have to turn our mind and heart towards the God even while performing our mortal duties towards our relatives, friends, society & humanity. According to them this scientific method is divisible [on the basis of Nam, Shabad or word] into three different parts namely :

SIMRAN: Repeatedly repetition of Pavitra [Holy] Nam, while doing regular work. [Only spiritual master of the panth can give "Nam" to devotee and as we know unmarried and below 24 years are not entitles for "Nam"] 

DHYAN : Keeping attention fixed towards the prime object of life i.e. realisation of God.

BHAJAN : Music always helped human beings in reaching to desired destination hence listing or singing divine shabad will carry us nearer to God.

Radha Soami ideology pushes hard for being vegetarian. Use of Alcohol, Drugs and other toxic substances is strictly prohibited for the followers of this panth. It is essential for devotee to keep very high moral values. Working for the humanity is the basic principle. Philosophy of this panth says every soul is "Radha" and is on the earth only to make efforts for meeting with prime and unbirth soul "Soami".

Swami Shivdayal Ji were not in favor of advertising or wooing the disciples for the expansion of this path of "SHABAD YOGA MEDITATION" created by him, any how at the time of his death in the year 1878, there were few thousand of people were started following this panth.

Swami Shivdayal Ji didn't appoint any successor hence a division was observed in the panth and out of six different Satsang, One established by Jaimal Singh at Beas, become most famous Radha Soami Satsang.

After the death of Baba Jaimal Singh [29-12-1903] till 1948 Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji have worked as the spiritual head of the panth. From 1948 to 1951 Satsang was looked by Baba Jagat Singh Ji, who before leaving for heavenly abode [22-10-1951] nominated Maharaj Charan Singh Ji as the next spiritual master. During this time panth attained enormous growth in number of followers. A massive heart attack had taken the life of Maharaj Charan Singh Ji on 01-06-1990 and as per their will, Baba Ji's nephew "Gurinder Singh Dhilon" started working as the spiritual master of the Satsang.