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About Raipur

Raipur an important city from the Madhya Pradesh has become capital city of the newly formed state Chhattisgarh on the 1st day of November in 2000.  Often referred as the "Rice Bowl of India" in the recent years Raipur has become educational hub of central India.

Raipur city and Sindhi Samaj

sant_yudhishtarlalRaipur is the home of "Sindhu Premier League" annually held state level Cricket tournament. Being home of famous Sindhi Saint Sant Yudhishtarlal Ji [Saints of Shadani Darbar] Raipur city holds religious important for many Sindhi families. Raipur Sindhi Samaj has earned a specific place on horizon of social service through Badate Kadam. City also have people like Pappu Panjwani who never hesitate to help poor and needy in legal matters even provides monitory help to those who have option of either pay monitory penalty or remain in Jail.

Raipur Sindhi Population

Estimated Sindhi population of Raipur city is about 1,10,000 [one lakh ten thousand]. As per our information number of Sindhi families living in Raipur city is between 15,000 and 16,000 though a few claims that the number is higher even than twenty thousands. Some Sindhi families are shifting there residence to Naya Raipur, which is sixth planned city of India and being constructed to serve as the capital city of State.  

Shopping At Raipur Famous Sindhi Shops & Showrooms

If you are looking for shopping here are few featured outlets from city.

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Raipur Famous Sindhi

jalkumar1 sundrani_shrichand2 udasi_murlidhar1 pppu_fs khattar_amardas1


Famous Sindhi List

Jalkumar Masand Sahib 9301828747
Shrichand Sundrani [MLA]
Bhai Sahib Murlidhar Udasi 9329345340
Pappu Panjwani 
Amaradas Khattar 9425516841
Ajaykumar Valecha
Ajit Motwani
Amar Dhavana
Amar Parvani
Amar Valecha
Anand Kukreja
Anand Jumnani
Anil Bajaj
Anil Krishnani
Arjundas Shadija
Arun Kukreja
Ashokkumar Badlani
Ashok Gurnani
Ashok Kshetija
Ashok Malani
Ashok Nainvani
Ashok Panjwani
Asudaram Wadhwani
Atmaram Purushvani
Balchand Asrani
Balramprasad Ruprela
Basant Sunderani
Bhagwandas Relwani
Bhajandas Talreja
Bharat Chandwani
Bhimandas Tarrwani
Chandar Vidhani
Chetan Tarwani
Damodar Dodani
Daulat Priyani
Dayaldas Khatri
Dilip Chhutani
Dwarkadas Vaswani
Gangaram Menghani
Ghanshyamdas Khatri
Ghanshyamdas Vaswani
Gopichand Khatri
Goverdhandas Poptani
Govindram Gyanchandani
Gyanchand Shadija
Harchamal Hotwani
Hariram Talreja
Harish Tarwani
Hiralal Panchvani
Inderlal Dhirani
Indrakumar Dodwani
Ishwar Kodwani
Jamnadas Lalwani
Jaychand Narvani
Jayram Kukreja
Jhamandas Bajaj
Jitendra Badwani
Kamal Laheja
Kanhaiyalal Chhugani
Khushiram Dhrmani
Kishanchand Nihalani
Kishor Ahuja
Kishor Kundnani
Lakhmichand Gulvani
Laxman Jagwani
Lokchand Bajaj
Manish Panjwani
Mohanlal Narvani
Mohanlal Nebhani
Mohanlal Rohra
Mohanlal Tejvani
Moolchand Khatri
Moolchand Kukreja
Moolchand Prithvani
Mukesh Poptani
Namdev Lalwani
Nandlal Sinhani
Narayandas Panjwani
Narayandas Shobhwani
Naresh Gangwani
Parasram Krishnani
Parmanand Chimnani
Parmanand Hotwani
Pawan Wadhwa
Pesuram Khubchandani
Pinjaram Chhabdiya
Pitambar Kodwani
Pitamber Sundrani
Prahlad Poptani
Prahlad Shadija
Pratap Methani
Prem Virnani
Premchand Chhabda
Premprakash Mandhyan
Raghuveerprasad Devani
Rajesh Mandhani
Rajesh Poptani
Rajesh Vaswani
Rajkumar Bajaj
Rajkumar Soni
Rajkumar Tarvani
Rajkumar Tolvani
Rakesh Ludwani
Ram Sharma
Ramesh Daswani
Ramesh Mirghani
Ramesh Varliyani
Rikki Juddani
Sanjay Poptani
Santosh Dodani
Satish Vaswani
Satramdas Bajaj
Shankarlal Varandani
Shiv Gwalani
Shyam Chawla
Subhash Bajaj
Sudama Jethvani
Sunil Chhatwani
Sunil Narwani
Sunderdas Jadwani
Sureshkumar Bajaj
Suresh Mandhyan
Takhatmal Mangwani
Tekchand Revlani
Tirlokchand Chimnani
Vasant Kukreja
Vasdev Wadhwa
Vasudev Jotwani
Vinod Dhameja
Vinod Jadwani
Vijay Shadija
Virbhan Tilwani
Yogesh Nanwani

Sindhi Shan – Raipur

Here we are including a brief about every Sindhi personality from city who brought moment of pride for entire Sindhi community of the city. They might be a renowned social worker, a professional, a successful businessmen or even Sindhi youth. Click Here  to go to Raipur Sindji Shan Page 

Sindhi Professionals

Sindhi Doctors :: Dr. Aditi Shadani- Dr. Ajitlal Shadani - Dr. Bhishamlal Shadani - Dr. Chandrapal Bhojwani - Dr Gopal Chawla - Dr Jeewatram Tulswani CA & Advocates  :: Adv Amar Gurbaxani 08349854986- Adv Rajesh Gangwani Engineers & Architects :: LIC Agents  :: Vijay Andani Marriage Bureau :: Photo & Video Shooting ::

Sindhi Panchayat Raipur

At Raipur city there is Chhattisgarh Sindhi Panchayat, which actually State level Panchayat to which more than one hundred Sindhi Panchayat of various cities are associated. As for as Raipur city is concerned information available suggest that more than 35 Sindhi Panchayat are working there. To learn more please visit Raipur Sindhi Panchayat page.

Sindhi Dharamshala – Raipur

Shrikrishan Sindhi Dharam Shala, Madan Mohan Malviya Road

Other Institutions of Sindhi – Raipur

Before you go to Raipur Sindhi Institutions Page for detail of various institutions established by Sindhi community of Raipur we would like to salute "Badate Kadam" just because this social institution is working for Sindhi community of not only Raipur city or Chhattisgarh but also for Sindhi community of near by cities from adjoining states. 

Sindhi Press

The Sindhu World Directory Raipur

City wise Data base of Sindhi in India - TSW Sindhu Directory App - is launched on 10 April 2017 The Golden Anniversary Day of inclusion of Sindhi language to Indian Constitution. To include your personal & Business Details in TSW Sindhu Directory App Fill the Directory Form. Click here for free download of App.

Last Updated : 31 Oct 2017