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Raksha Bandhan or Rakhdi

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About – Raksha Bandhan or Rakhdi or Rakhi

Sindhi Festival – Festivals of Shrawan Month – Sindhi Tipano – Hindu Festival

rakhiRaksha Bandhan or the Rakhi is one such festival celebrated in India and actually all over the world today as every country have good number of citizens with Indian origin. This is the festival celebrated to memorize the affection bond between sisters and brothers.

According to Sindhi Tipano and Hindu Panchang Rakhi is celebrated on Satnarayan/ Purnima [full moon day] of Shrawan month. If we go by Georgian Calendar the corresponding month is usually August. On this day married sisters are visiting maternal homes to tied a special thread called Rakhi on the wrist of brothers and boon them with long prosperous and healthy life. In return brothers promise to protect sisters from all sorts of troubles and help her at difficult time.

There are lot of stories for the reason of celebrating Raksha Bandhan a few dates back even to era of Waman Avtar [coronation of Lord Vishnu] and Bali and to Mahabharat era [Shrikrishan and Dropadi].  The most popular story is that of Rani Karnavati sending Rakhi to Mughal King Humayun. 

In the Maharashtra and Kerala Koili community [community of fishermen] celebrates this day as Narial Purnima or the Coconut Day, considering the day as the start of new fishing season. They worship the Sea God by offering coconut and decorate their boats in different and very attractive style. The celebration also includes folk music, songs and dance.