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Ram Buxani

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Biography: Ram Jivatram Buxani

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ram_buxaniRam Buxani, a famous Sindhi based at Dubai and renowned all over the globe is among the very rare class of human beings as he is one who has reached to peak of both, successes in reaching the ultimate height of wealth as well as recognition from the society. A few days back I was with Dr. Ram Jawaharani, chair person of Sahyog Foundation Mumbai, he has told one beautiful line “when we look at huge buildings often the foundation remained hidden or unnoticed”. I recalled this just because I am writing about the life of true Sindhi Saput Ram Buxani, a real true and proven huge building of emotion of serving for preserving Sindhi culture and promoting Sindhyat.

Ram Jivatram Buxani born on 2 September 1941 at Hyderabad Sindh, before I further about his life I wish to quote one thing, when in 2009 on completing 50 years in Dubai Ram Buxani asked to say something he said “I think in true meaning, it is my home. I have every right to say that I belong to this place.” This show how affectionate and faithful personality he is.

Today Ram Buxani is President of world renowned ITL Group dealing in diversified business and products from consumer electronics, Real estate, I T, Textiles and even to banking. You will understand meaning and importance of this unmatched success when you imagine about the 18 years young boy landed on shallow sea shores of Dubai in 1959 with no one to either to help or to guide about the way in which he can reach to destination of success of his dreams.

Some of his family members say that he was the one who never hesitate to stand alone and firmly to face whatever challenges came to his way. He had tried every possible trick to turn the stones on his way and explored all the possible roads leading to success on his own wisdom, knowledge and experience he was depositing to his life span and generated from his initial small successes and failures. Besides being Group President of ITL Ram Buxani has work experience as Director of IndusInd Enterprises & Finance Limited, Al Razouki International Exchange Co. L.L.C., Sanjay-Gulf Industries (P) Limited and Cosmos-Sanjay Textiles Mills Limited. From 2000 January 14 he has hold the position of Director of IndusInd Bank for long eight years till 14 January 2008.

Apart from the business success Ram Buxani is also front runner on the front of serving the community. He has founded Ishwaribai Buxani Trust for serving the Sindhi community and Sindhi literature, the trust not just recoginse the contribution of Sindhi writers, poets and personality from Sindhi literature but also felicitate them with Ishwaribai Buxani Award given on annual bases.

For promoting and preserving the Sindhi culture and organizing various programs associated to Sindhi community of Dubai and U.A.E. Ram Buxani has established yet another social organization “Aseen Sindhi” means We Sindhi. Aseen Sindhi is principal hand behind the arranging the Sindhi Cultural Programs in Dubai and U.A.E. in these program not only the local Sindhi talent get exposure but also chance to interact with established Sindhi artist from India, which is being invited by Aseen Sindhi from time to time. Artists from Sindh Pakistan, also get chance to be part of these programs.

Indian High School and Indian Sports Club Dubai are the brain children of Ram Buxani for satisfying the educational and sporting thirst of Sindhi community based in Dubai. Eminent personalities like Dr. Moti Prakash and many more have worked at Indian High School which affiliated with Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education and students are appearing for S.S.C. and H.S.C. exams conducted by board.

In my own views, Ram Buxani’s the most significant contribution to Sindhi community and to the process of preserving Sindhyat is that he never thought of this or that, If you have a brilliant idea and genuine desire to work on any project for Sindhi and Sindhyat, Ram Buxani is always there to help and assist you.

Ram Buxani – Awards and Recognition

At number of times Ram Buxani is honored and felicitated by numerous institutions, one such memorable occasion is Ram Buxani being presented with a shield by President of India during Vishva Sindhi Sammelan at Delhi in 1983. A few awards which are the glittering diamonds of recognition crown of Ram Buxani are as listed below:-

2002 Bharat Gurav Award by Indian Merchants Association at Mumbai
1999 Sindhi Ratan by Sindhi Sabha at New Delhi
1987 Jhulel Award by INternational Sindhi Panchayat Federation at Mumbai
1987 Udyog Ratan by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India at New Delhi
1983 Man of Achievement by International Biographical Centre, England at London