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Ram Jawahrani

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ram_jawahraniRam Jawahrani - Sahyog Foundation - Global Sindhi Council

Certainly this the hardest task when you are asked to introduce to a never meet person, this is what I was asked for at the recently concluded [25-09-2011] 86th Seminar of Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli and Sahit Prachar Sabha. Surely knowing that person is none other than Shri Ram Jawahrani brought a huge relief for me.

Shri Ram Jawahrani, Chairman of Global Sindhi Council is the front runner of the most famous and popular Sindhis of post independent era. The multifaceted personality Ram Jawahrani is well known to every sindhi of world for his fight against social evils, like Dowry and Drug Abuse, of the sindhi community in association of his organization, Sahyog Foundation.

Born on 7 December 1947, Ram Jawahrani at very early age observed that in the sindhi community there is lack of awareness towards Art, Culture and Literature. He also experience that there is huge communication gap between Sindhi and other local communities. To overcome this he started periodical Magazine 'Sahyog Times' in English at Mumbai, in the 1990's and as the editor along with writing many awaking articles he provided scope to well known sindhi and non sindhi writers.

In very short span of time awareness towards the community problems, desire to do something significant for the suffering and under privileged, his courage, determination and sincerity has made Ram Jawahrani inspiration for the younger sindhi generations. Sindhi history will never forget his contribution towards preserving sindhi cultural and social heritage as being the interviewer of a program telecasted on Doordarshan Ram Jawahrani has talked with more than 50 eminent Sindhi Personalities, including famous and well-known sindhi people like L. K. Advani, Ram Jethmalani, Dr. Suresh Advani, Dr. Indira Hinduja, Govind Nihalani and former Admiral R. H. Tahilyani, in 104 episodes of the program.

His another significant contribution towards his efforts for saving sindhi language reflects from being the instrumental behind the singing of sindhi songs by the famous singers like Mahendra Kapoor, Anup Jalota, Kavita Krishnamoorthi, Rajendra Nina Mehta, Udit Narayan, Sadhna Sargam and many others from the Hindi film industry.

Ram Jawahrani established Sahyog Foundation [in Mumbai] to make his fight against social evils, like Dowry and Drug Abuse more effective. There are many widows in the society who are self employed due to his efforts as selfless Ram Jawahrani succeeded in raising funds for the free distribution of sewing machines among this section of the society. A humble, soft spoken and pious person Ram Jawahrani is the working force behind the arrangement of many free health check camps in Mumbai by the Sahyog Foundation beside honoring eminent personalities of the society personalities for their contribution to the promotion of Art, Culture and National Integration .

Late Sunil Datta was used to call Ram Jawahrani as the "Miracle Man Of Mumbai", where as in the views of former Union Law Minister Shri Ram Jethmalani he is the Cultural Ambassador of Sindhi Community. To Sudha Chandran, Ram Jawahrani is the person with desire of intensifying efforts for removing the word 'handicapped' from the society beside working hard for uplifting life of deprived class of community.



Ram Jawahrani at Kolhapur in a Literary Gathering


Multifaceted sindhi personality Ram Jawahrani is also associated with telefilm "Dan Veer" telecasted at Doordarshan, as the Story writer. "Nyani Nimani " is the another telefilm with massage about the daughter is in the making and written by him. He is most notable speaker among the sindhis of modern times who always stress hard for increasing voice culture to safeguard Sindhi Language and preserve rich cultural and social heritage of Sindhi Community.

Almost all the Sindhi institutions and Panchayats from every corner of globe has felicitated Shri Ram Jawahrani. Besides the Sindhu Ratan Award, Hemu Kalani Award (International Sindhi Panchayat Federation), Friend in need award (Rotary International) Jal Vayu Vihar Award (Maharashtra Sindhi Sahitya Academy) and Padmashree Ram Panjwani Award (Goregaon Sindhi Panchayat ) are the very few significant awards received by him.