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Ram Jethmalani

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Biography : Ram Jethmalan

Top most Indian Lawyer: Sindhi Genius Of Indian Law 

ram_jethmalaniFertile land of Sindh once again proved its nature of being the land of genius & great personalities, This time it was Shikarpur, where on 14 September 1923, in the house of Shri Boolchand Gurmukhdas Jethmalani, Shrimati Parbati Boolchand has given birth to male child. Intelligence of the kid can be judged from his triple promotion in the school and passing the L. L. B. at the tender age of 17 years.
We are talking about none else but Shri Ram Jethmalani, for whom Chief justice of Sindh was forced to pass a special resolution about the rules, so the 17 year young Jethmalani, can join the Bar.

In the year 1947 on September 5 he got married with Ratna and God has blessed them with two sons and two daughters. After the partition his family shifted to Bombay [Mumbai] and soon he become famous for his cross examination in the court room. His decision of being present as the defense council for the smuggler Haji Mastan brought him first fame and the case of Kehar Singh [the man behind the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi] has made him front page news of almost all the newspapers for many days.

Today it is said that he is the number one criminal lawyer of the country. Many adjectives say hot temper, witty, hilarious, Amazing, interesting, ever young etc. of English dictionary finds association with the personality of this Sindhi lawyer and most controversial Indian Politicians.

His wisdom and understanding of law and constitution is such high that when in 1980's constitution of newly formed Bhartiya Janta Party was written he was involved in it with Sunder Singh Bhandari & Sikandar Bakhat. In the field of politics he had crossed many mile stones including the office of law ministry at centre. [Union Minister Of Law, Justice and Company Affairs 1996]. Some of famous incident from his term in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government at center in the ministerial capacity are still corner talk in the meetings of BJP leaders.

When he become Minister for Urban Development, DDA [Delhi Development Authority] was facing several court cases related with the allotments of flats and was paying very heavily in the form of fees to lawyers. Jethmalani took the DDA officials to these colonies asked about the availability of electricity and water, without which no one will go there for living. He forced the system to work for the welfare of common citizen and save the money and time. He was also in the headlines of news papers and other media for asking daily ten question to Rajiv Gandhi.

Ram Jethmalani as a person is famous for his hilarious (laughter) moods, even being engaged with one of highly protocol restricted and since profession related with court room, he always stress for and never missed a lighter moment of life. In the political arena of country many hilarious incidents created by him are recalled from time to to time.

Even his resignation from the post of Union Law Minister was also an eventful and hilarious happening at least for the law students of Pune - Maharashtra, Jethmalani was stepping down from the Lonavala hills to reach Pune for this meeting. On the way of this journey he got message from Prime Minister asking to resign him. On reaching Pune he delayed the interaction with Law student and entered in the auditorium only after the fax of his resignation was sent to P M O. When he start his speech his first words were " friends please excuse me because I am not the same Jethmalani for whom you gathered here. You have waited for over a hour for the Law Minister Jethmalani but sorry to inform I don't hold the post at this moment."

Common people and Law students in auditorium took this as yet another hilarious talk of Jethmalani and were able to find seriousness only after coming out. Through out his political career his always remained in center of conflicts for his state forward comments on the given situations. During his Long illustrated political and social life, he worked as member of

International Bar Association [1996]
Sixth & Seventh Lok Sabha
Committee on Subordinate Legislation Rajya Sabha [1994 -1996]
Committee on Transport and Tourism [1993 - 1996]
Committee on Home Affairs [1996-1997]
Rajya Sabha [ 1988 from Karnataka , 1994 from Maharashtra and recently in 2010 he wins from Rajasthan]

Ram Jethmalani is said to be lawyer of criminals but it is one aspect of his life [Profession] the other aspect of his life will reflect from the Human Rights Award which was awarded to him in the year 1977.

He is young of 85 years, who still is naughty and eager to share experiences with girl friends and found enough enthusiasm to talk and discuss the topic even with young modern boy.

This doesn't conclude the portrait of works and achievements of honorable Shri Ram Jethmalani. We at The Sindhu World pray Waheguru to bless him with more years of life so we can keep on adding new facts to this page.

Author : Ram Jethmalani

Ram Jethmalani also belongs to selective class of writers, not only his many articles are published in Indian Express and Illustrated weekly and other law journals but his two book on law are also published.

Law Books written by Shri Ram Jethmalani

Conflicts of Laws
Justice Soviet Style