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Religious World

Religious World

Sindhi Samaj has a very rich tradition and history of being a community with a strong religious faith. Basically Sindhis are the followers of Hindu life style of Indus Valley civilization, though a distinct and diversified religious faiths can be said the characteristic of Sindhi Samaj but like the India, this diversity is proving strength instead of weakness. Along with Punjabi community Sindhis are the most affected community of partition of India in the year 1947. Many of Sindhis who didn't migrated to India from Pakistan have adopted Islam.

Traditionally Sindhis have a very close touch with Punjabis and Sikhs hence Adi Guru Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are the prime deity of Sindhis along with Jal Devata [Water God] "Jhulelal" . It is normal routine of many Sindhis to go Gurudwara, in Sindhis language pronounced as Darbar being looked by Jagyasi & Udasi [Sadh] families and recite the Banis from Living God Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Prem Prakash Mandal and Sant Nirankari Mission are two leading religious streams of Sindhis. The unique feature of the Prem Prakash Mandal is that till date all the five prime religious heads of Mandal are born in a sindhi family. In the Sindhis considerable percentage of population also fallows principles of Radhaswami Satsang and worship Shri Anandpur Darbar [Advait Mat - Anandpuri].

There are a lot of Sindhis who worship Mahadev, Shree Ganesha, Shri Ram, Shrikrishan, Mata Rani sherronwali and other Hindu Gods and Goddess. For many Sindhis Shirdi Sai Baba is prime deity.

Web master of the site is native of Kolhapur Maharashtra and Karveer Niwanisi Amba Devi is the Goddess of Kolhapur City hence a introductory page of Shri Mahalaxmi is also included here. There is a tradition devotees going on pilgrimage of Tirupati Balaji has to take darshan to Mahalaxmi to complete the pilgrimage.

We had tried our level best to include all the major religious streams of Sindhi Samaj but it is quite possible that we might had missed some. If you are with that view or like to add more information about any panth feel free to write us.

Satnam Waheguru