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S P Menghani

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Biography : S P Menghani

Famous Sindhi Writer, Actor, Director – Sindhi Drama King - Sindhi Sahitya Academy

sp_menghaniSobhraj Parsram Menghani, the first director of Sndhi and Marathi stage from the India after the era of partition was popularly known as the S P Menghani, people close to him and worked with were used to call him “Bhau” elder brother was born on 01 March 1934 at Mirpur Khas in Sindh.

In world of Sindhi literature and language he is better known as the Sindhi Drama King as he has credit of presenting and directing 30 full length Sindhi plays not just in India but also abroad at Dubai, HongKong, Singapore and few other locations. Besides that he has also credit for 150 one act plays. He presented more than 10 Sindhi stage Drama, which is a unique achievement for any Sindhi dramatist of post independence era.

S P Menghani was the first one to present a full length Sindhi Drama “Under Secretary” [a translation by Dr. Moti Prakash] with the help and guidance of famous Sindhi film actor Bhudo Advani. In the 1960 with the help of Dr. Moti Prakash, Vasudev Nirmal, Kirat Babani and other eminent personalities of Sindhi language and literature, he established Sindhu Kala Mandir to provide stage for presenting and popularizing Sindhi Drama.

S P Menghani has started his professional career as a radio artist during the long service of span of 50 years has involved with 100 Sindhi plays with AIR [All India Radio and 25 Sindhi Plays son TV. He also appeared as many as 14 Films also. This versatile artistes of Sindhi stage has played his life’s memorable role in “Yaad Kanda” [Will remember] which is still considered as the mile stone landmark of Sindhi stage. Some of his Sindhi Drama like “Yaad Kanda”, “Ghar Guru-a-Jo Dar”, “Awal Khairu” etc proved Silver & Diamond Jubilee hits.

S P Menghani also acted in many Hindi plays some prominent are “Ajanta Se Paris Tak”, “College Hostal” and “Rajani- Ghar Ki Laaj”. He also acted in Hindi films & TV serials like Badnam, Farishte and Ghar Ki Laj. He is also cindered pioneer of arranging Sindhi Drama festivals at various cities in India. He died on 13 May 2012.

Literary Contribution

List of some of most popular Sindhi Drama of S P Menghani

1961: Under Secretary
1966: Pyaso Maan
1967: Yaad Kanda
1977: He-a-Ya Hua
1978: Love Letter
1989: Sai Ram Ram
Mumy retired thi Kare

Literary Contribution

List of Sindhi Films of S P Menghani

Nakali Shaan
Raat Hik Tuffan Ji
Hal T Bhaji Halunu
Shall Dhiyeru Jaman
Jai Jhulelal
Sant Kanwar Ram
Piyaro Sain Shah Vasan Shah
Parewari [2001 released was directed by him]

Awards and Honors

During the illustrated career of 50 years S P Menghani bagged more than 15 awards and was honored several times by many Sindhi institutions. Some most significant are:

Maya Israni Award [1965]
Mumbai by Akhil Bharti Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha [twice 1972 and 1990]
Hongkong by Indian Association & Indian club and Aseen Sindhi Dubai [1992]
Devibai Teckchandani Sindhu Sabha Jaipur [1995]
Maharashtra State Sindhi Sahitya Academy [2000]