Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sadhu T L Vaswani

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tlvaswani01Sadhu T L Vaswani : Sindhi Philosopher, Educationist & Spiritual Master

Sadhu vaswani [Thanwardas Leelaram Vaswani] was born on 25th November 1879 at the Hyderabad Sindh. Presently his birthday is celebrated as the "Meatless Day" through out the world. His father Shri Leelaram Vaswani was a true devotee of "Devi Mata" and mother Varanbai was with a great faith with "Gurbani" and she was used to get up early morning for path [recitation] of Gurbani. The childhood of kid was cared and affected to a great extant by this religious atmosphere at home.
The kid was very genius and brilliant at studies even in very early days of schooling. At the matriculation he stood first in the Sindh provision. This was effect of religious atmosphere of home that during student life beside concentrating on the school syllabus he also studied very deeply Gurbani and Bhagvat Gita [Hindu Religious Books] and developed an attitude of faith with the prayers, hence he always tried to inspire fellow students for the prayers.

After completing M. A. he joined Metropolitan college Calcutta [Kolkatta] as the professor and soon started working as the Principal of Dayal Singh college at Lahore [one of the biggest city of present Pakistan]. During his career in educational field he always concentrated for the character building of students because in his own vision "Character Building is Nation Building".
This was evidence of his wisdom and deep studies of Indian religious books that he went to Berlin at the tender age of 30 for attending " World Congress of Religions". During this visit, every one not only was impressed with the knowledge and understanding of Indian religions he holds but also he succeeded in getting some companions for his future mission of help and healing of humanity.

Death of his mother, when he was of 40 years, prove a revolutionary happening for his progress on the roads of spirituality. In those days he was busy with writing books and articles. His writing was so effective that even the very first article on the front page of Mahatma Gandhi's Young India was written by him. He was strong believer of greater involvement of youth power for the nation building and thus at Rajapur established "Shakati Aashram" to him Shakati was meaning Spiritual vitality.

His most notable contribution for the society was the starting "Mira (Meera) movement" in the year 1933 in the educational field and St. Mira's College for girls only in the year 1962 at Pune. His whole life was revolving around one principle " Be strong, Be manly, Be Strong and spend your strength in the service of poor and broken one." His spiritual life was a great inspiration from the Mira and all of his poetic expressions were dedicated to Lord Krishna, which are now complied as "Noori Granth".

In childhood one day he listened the crying voices of animals at the butcher shop and from that day not only left eating the flesh food but also spend his all life for inspiring people to leave flesh food eating. This is effect of his efforts that today in the most parts of world his birthday is celebrated as "Meatless Day" and every years thousands are taking oath for leaving the habit of eating flesh food for rest of life from this day.

Sadhu Vaswani was among the great educationist, spiritual master and philosopher born in Sindhi community. Government of India recoginsed his works and issued a postal stamp to honor him on 25th November 1969.

He left the perishable world on 16th January 1966 for a heavenly abode but his works are in continuation under the able guidance of Dada Jashan Vaswani in the form of Sadhu Vaswani Mission.