Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sain Vasan Shah

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Biography – Vasan Shah – Vasan Ghot

vasan_ghotSai Vasan Shah were born in the family of famous Saint Bhai Kundaram of Rohari ++ on Choudas [14th] Tithi of Magh Month in the Sambat 1904 [ 19 February 1848]. His Father's Name was Bhai Giyanchand , who was also a famous Bhagat from **Jindah Pir. It was Lala Tulsidas's House were Mata Hasibai has given birth to this child , who in future become famous as Rohari Jo Rahbar Sai Vasan Shah.

Pandit Mansharam, the famous astrologer has made the Janam Kundali of the Kid and predicted as fallow : As the Kid Vehdomal, is born in the month of Magh so he will become a soft speaking, courageous, working for the betterment of others & will be with many friends. As he was born in Shukala Paksh so he will become Knowledge full and intelligence. Being Born in the Rohani Nakshtra he may be the Avtar of God. As the people born in this Nakshtra are always in search of truth, are with full of wisdom and with a face like moon. Considering all the things Pandit Mansharam suggested " Vrsho" name for the Kid, which in future was changed to Vasan by Sai Parul Shah.

Uncle Kundaram himself took the charge of educating the kid. soon the kid has started reciting the banis of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Vasan shah himself started the service at Lungar. At young age his marriage was arranged with the sister of Bhai Relu singh who was native of Timuhi. It was the inspiring personality Swami Parul Shah that impressed Vasan Shah to become devotee of Parul shah. Sai Parul Shah was follower of Avdhoot Panth, in which the God Dedicated soul lives away from the normal human, these persons many times seen as mentally disturbed ones [ Dewane] but they remain within the pleasure of their own. They don't bother about the physical cleanness and can eat with any body and any where. Sai vasan shah has served his guru in a manner that Guru Sai Parul Shah blessed him with words " Vasan ! Vasando-e Rahande". and this turned into reality as Sai Vasan Shah is still alive not only in hearts of devotees but also at various places of his worship, One such place is Sai Vasan Ghot Darbar at Ulhasnagar.

Sai Vasan Shah become famous for reciting the Banis of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib And Kalams of Sufies. In his Temple lunger was open for all and on the basis of opened 24 hours. Sai him self was taking care of service of all the guests. There are many stories about the miracles of sai Vasan Shah. Such as " Sabhaga" the ten year old boy, who came back after 4day of being flown away in the river water. Sai Vasan Shah left the Physical world in the Sambat 1984.

Rohari ++

Rohri is among the oldest cities of the world. Some people called the city as Raghupuri, King Raghu was in Treta Yug in the family of whom Mariyada Purshotam Shri Ram was born. Rohari was a beautiful city .In the north of city was River Sindhu, the east & west direction were covered with the lush green flora and in the south direction of the city were the hills and all these together were giving a look of heaven to the city.

**Jindah Pir

A place in the centre of river is famous for the "Cheti- Chand Mella" It is said that previously there was a small hill at that place. Business man Khushalmal saw the light between the hills some time in the period of Vikram Sawant 1000 to 1100, when he was on business trip of rohari and also dreamed that some body is telling him that he will be benifited enormously from this trip so he must spend some part of this profit for constructing a house at the place where he saw the light. Khushalmal's friends suggested him that person he saw in dream was Varun Devata so you must follow his instructions and after the business was over Khushalmal stayed there to construct house and established the "Jot " . With time this place become famous as the Jindah Pir. Sri Guru Nanak dev Ji also visited this place. The place where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Seated become famous as the "Kubi of Guru Nanak".