Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Saints of Sindh

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Saints of Sindh

Sant Khotaram

Pioneer of Sindhi Bhagat – Famous Sindhi Singer

sant_khotaramHistory says that Village Rahadki of the Sindhi is important place just because the village is the birth place of Famous Sindhi Saint, Musician and Singer Sant Khotaram Sahib Ji. History also says that famous saint of Sindh, Sant Satramdas was born as the son of Sant Khotaram.

Sant Khotaram was fortunate that when he urged for path of spirituality famous musician and spiritual master saint Jadaram was there to guide him on the path of self realization and attaining internal peace. Sant Khotaram was used to travel for the Kirtan at various places in the Sindh. According to one story, once he was doing his normal kirat at "Pitafin" darbar, saint Tansukhlal head of the Darbar, has presented a set of “Ghungharoo” to him. Sant Khotram took this as divine gift; he tied Ghungharoo to his feet and started dancing with the music and keeping the Kirtan going on. In fact this was the start of what in the years to come was known as the “Sindhi Bhagat” [a season of fusion of Music, dance and Singing].

Sant Khotaram never created a separating line of Hindhu and Muslim hence after his death when his son Sai Satramdas established a Darbar it become place of worship for both Hindus and Muslims. Presently this Darbar is looked by Hazoori Roop Sai Sadhram Sahib Ji.

Biography: Sant Dalpat Rai

Sant Dalpat Rai

Sant Dalpatrai was born in the historic city “Sevan" of Sindh, though exact date is not known but all are sure that the year was 1769. Sant Dalpatrai was the master of Sindhi and Farsi language. He had also written poetry in Hindi.

Sant Dalpatrai were married and have a son "Raghumal".All this was not providing the mental satisfaction to him hence he went to Swami Aasardas at Hyderabad where he got the way to spirituality and freedom from physical body to feel the eternal peace and pleasure. Sant Dalpatrai died at the age of eighty in the year 1849.

Saints of Halani Darbar

Swami Madhavdas

This was in the 1890, when Shri Udhavdas Bhambhani of Halani Sindh got a male child. During the pregnancy period saints of Halani darbar predicted birth of male child & asked mother, she used to be devotee of Halani Darbar, to give the child for the service of Darbar. At the tender age of five years kid Notan was sent to live in the Darbar, where beside serving he was also learning Tabala and Harmonium.

This was grace of almighty that Notan, which now being known as "Madhav" has a melodious voice and was most impressive while signing Gurbani. Saint Swaroopdas was guiding Madhav on the spiritual path. On 27th July 1940 Swami Swaroopdas left for the heavenly abode and Madhavdas become the Saint of Halani Darbar.

After the partition Swami Madhavdas shifted to Ajmer, Rajasthan and established Halani Darbar there. The place becomes famous for the worship of God and service of poor. Saint Madhavdas was with spiritual powers.

It is said that one devotee "Roopchand Mevani" went under the weakness of legs and all the doctors were of the opinion that in future he will not be able to walk. Family members brought Roopchand to Ajmer and prayed for the blessings of saint Madhavdas. The Merciful Santji handed over a wooden stick to Roopchand, who was unable to even stand, and ask him to walk with the support of stick. All were surprised to see that after walking a few steps with the support Roopchand started to walk without any support on his own. Saint Madhavdas left the world for heavenly abode on 15th August 1953 at Mumbai.