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Sant Baba Asudaram

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Biography: Sant Baba Asudaram

Sakhi Baba - Famous Sindhi Saint
asudaramSant Baba Asudaram Sahib was among the famous Sindhi Saints who were besides being the spiritual leaders and ambassador of divine knowledge, universal truth become popular for their works of serving poor and needy ones, creating social awareness among the masses for human welfare and merciful actions towards animals and all livings.

Sant Baba Asudaram Sahib ji dedicated his enter life towards the worship of Guru Sahib [Sant Kanwar ram Sahib] and performed many works of social welfare such as “Paathshaala” providing education, Medico care centers [Hospital] looking after the human health with use of all the modern technology, Elderly homes which provides affectionate shelter and tender loving care not only to destitute and homeless but also to physically challenged human beings in and around the Panno Aakkil, his birth place and where Sant Baba Asudaram Sahib Darbar was established. These dedicated, self-less works gained name “Sakhi Baba “for him.

Sant Baba Asudaram was born on 03 April 1895 [Ramnavami] as the son of Bhai Ludhromal and Chaini Bai who were native of village of Jatoin in the Panno Aakil tehsil [District Sakhar] of Sindh. From the early child hood Sant Asudaram has never shown even a small bit of sudden and unaccountable mood change indicating the presence of a great soul. His calm and composed status expressing inherent qualities of mind and character were the center of attraction for all the villagers. His formal school education was not extended beyond the fourth standard.

The spiritual life journey of Sant Baba Asudaram started when he went on to meet with Sant Shiromani Satramdas Sahib [spiritual master of Bhagat Kanwar Ram] at village Haji Gaon at distance of hardly one km from his home town. Looking at the disinterest of child Asudaram in the physical world, father Bhai Ludhrodmal requested Sant Satramdas Sahib to take the boy in own service. It is said that Sant Satramdas Sahib ji replied with words that eventually the boy is born for Guru Sewa and welfare of human beings and belongs to him only and asked father to being Asudaram to Raharki Darbar when he become young.

This might be the blessing of Sant Satramdas Sahib that after returning home Asudaram started spending most of his time in the worship of almighty. He started looking thoughtfully at everything happening around him for a long time. By the time Asudaram become young and reached Rahaki Darbar, Sant Kanwar Ram Sahib ji were looking after the Darbar and accepted him as one of servant of Guru Darbar. He was assigned task of looking after the Gau Shala there. At Ashram Asudaram was sleeping at the Samadhi Kaksh of Sant Satramdas Sahib ji and was determined to devote his entire life only in devotion to Guru Sahib. It was the selfless service rendered by the Asudaram that Bhagat Sahib gave him name Shiv Swaroop [alike the Lord Shiva].

This was the order of his Guru Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib that made way for the entrance to Grahasth Ashram by Asudaram. He married with Bainsar Bai, the daughter of Bhai Motiram ji,the chief sewadaari of Sant Kanwar Ram. In the year 1940 Asudaram return back to village Panno Akkil and as per the orders of Guru Sahib established “Darbar Sahib” there.

Name and fame of Sant Asudaram and works of several social welfare centers established by him started to spread over various cities in Sindh and Hind [India]. This was also an auspicious day like his birthday [Ramnavami] when on 4 September 1960 [Anant Chatruthi] Sant Baba Asudaram left the material world for the heavenly abode. After the traditional routines, Sai Chanduram Ji was given the charge of spiritual seat of his father on 15 September 1960.

Presently Sai Chanduram Sahib ji are settled at Lucknow, capital city of Uttar Pradesh, where on the 3 September 1979 Shiv Shanti Sant Asudaram Ashram was inaugurated by Sai Pesuram [Son of Bhagat Kanwar Ram]. This Ashram is the activity center of Sai Chanduram Sahib.