Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sant Baba Jairamdas

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jairamdas_babaSant Baba Jairamdas

This was the knowledge of generations, reflecting in the words of Sant Baba Jairamdas, one of the most worshiped saint and spiritual master born in 1912 in the Pirgot in Sindh of undivided India. Being Born in Jagyasi family of Bhai Santsingh [father], there was natural attraction towards the teachings of Adi Guru Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev and during the early childhood Babaji took practical lessons about Gurbani from mother Aturbai. Young Jairamdas was much impressed with the life and principals of Guru Nanak Dev and this encouraged him to recite Guru Granth again and again as a result he was among the selective class who succeeded in memorizing entire Guru Granth Sahib, People of Ahmedabad and from other cities were wondering about this but in fact this was the dedication of Babaji & relation of his soul with the God which was reflecting in this form.

As Jairamdas grow in age he started founding a kind of mesmerizing effect within self from the sun light and started to worshiping Sun. The mool mantra of life of Sant Ji was "Surya Sharanam". It is hard to believe but fact remain unchanged that this was day to day routine of Sant Ji, they were doing worship of their deity God sun for hours and hours [Morning & Evening] looking at Sun with uncovered eyes. Science says sun is the ultimate energy source for the life on earth but it is hard to stair at Sun for more than a minute for a common person, as Sant Baba Jairamdas Sahib were the blessed soul hence were capable of staring at sun for hours and hours in succession. and Baba Jairamdas were the living illustration of simple life style and even not hesitated in living at Sabarmati refugee camp of Ahmedabad Gujarat, when Sindhis were forced to migrate India in the year 1947 due to partition of country. Sant Ji were strong believer of brotherhood principle of Sri Guru Nanak and according to them all the religious Panth are the roads leading to one and only one destination of getting unanimous with God. "Ek Jyot Sarva Viyapak" [one lighting up all the lives of the universe] was the message of Babaji.

Sanskrit, Farsi, Hindi, Gujrati and Sindhi language were well known to Sant Baba Jairamdas Ji and they have studded deeply almost all the religious books including Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas. According to them every soul is God so not only to other Saints, Guests but also to devotees they were treating as the God and sharing with them all the spiritual thoughts own experiences with God. According to Sant Baba Jairamdas Sahib we must have a merciful heart for birds and animals because like us they are not with voice to express their pains and anguish. In their temple at Sardarnagar Ahmedabad, there is a protected square for feeding the birds and during entire life feeding the birds every day in morning and evening was the part of their day to day life. Life of Baba Sant Jairamdas Sahib have a close resemblance with the Lotus flower, which remains unaffected from water even after living in the water. Baba Ji were living in this materialistic world, had married with Devibai, performed duties of married life till the 40 years of age, but still was away from the normal qualities anger and was the statue of politeness and humbleness of was the integral part of their nature. Sant Ji were so humble that if any devotee try to bow for touching their feet, baba ji were doing the same before the devotee can do.

According to Sant Ji we the human being got this physical body composed from Panch Tavta [Five Elements] to complete our journey of being spiritual from the physical and we have to keep this journey in continuation with performing our duties, they were used to say that "Beauty of human life, lies hidden in performing duty". Sant Baba Jairamdas Sahib ji have chosen the day of 27th April 1996 for their heavenly journey and with the sun rise on the day left this physical world.

Every year on 27th April devotees are gathering at Ahmedabad for the "Varasi Utsav" of this great Sindhi Saint. Civil administration of Ahmedabad city decided to named the road on which Surya temple of Sant ji was situated as "Sant Shri Jairamdas Road" as the tribute to this spiritual God dedicated soul. At Present Swamiprakash son of saint ji are looking after and Surya Temple and continuing forward the work of Sant Baba Jairamdas.