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Sai Chanduram

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Biography : Sant Chandu Ram

Sant Chanduram Sahib
sant_chanduramThis is often said that only the blessed one get chance to serve the society and mankind. This divine process starts with birth as the human being. Sant Chandu Ram Ji, born as the son of famous Sindhi Saint Sai Asudaram Sahib Ji, is one such enlightened soul which appeared on earth to serve and abolish grief of the suffering of the poor and needy.

Sant Chanduram Sahib were born on the 9 September 1947 at village of Panno Aakil, district Sakhkhar, presently part of Pakistan. It was the time when people were celebrating Shrikrishan Janamashtmi hence this birth was considered as the divine blessing.

From the early childhood Sant Chanduram Sahib started to show a very keen interest in study of Vedanta and before he cross the teen age went on have deep study of divine scripts such as Guruvaani, Srimadbhagvat , the Gita, and Ramcharitmanas etc. Able guidance of father Sant Asudaram Sahib Ji helped him to cultivate faith and devotion for ancient Hindu Sanatan culture, value systems and spiritual traditions and decided to reestablishing, reviving, rejuvenating and strengthening the same.

In the year 1970 Sant Chanduram Ji shifted to Lucknow, India and established Shiv Shanti Ashram there. This is real huge structure covering an area of about 3 Acers and having 150 rooms besides 50halls with all the modern amenities. Shiv Shanti Ashram is not just a spiritual center or worship place but eventually from here Sant Chanduram Sahib Ji are conducting various activities of Social welfare of human beings. Many organizations like Sant Kanwar Ram Sahib Sewa Mandal, Sant Baba Asudaram Sewa Samiti, Sakhi Baba Yuva Mandal and Sant Baba Asudaram Ideal Sindhi Mass Marriage Organisation are functional from here.

Sant Chanduram Ji are blessed with truly melodious voice and by singing Bhajans / creations of renowned philosophers, Spiritual masters, Sufis, saints, Fakirs and Darveshas he always try to awaken the masses and stressing on universal brotherhood. He wants that his disciples must work for social equality, unity, fraternity and peace. Sant Ji are strong believer of that “Guru Anek par Satguru Ek” and Guru-Kripa is above all else. Probably this is reason when proposal of constructing a huge monument of Amar Shahid Sant Kanwar Ram Sahib [estimated to Rs. 100 Karorad] was under consideration Sant ji were the first Donor.  

During the discussion with disciples or Prvachan Sai Chanduram Ji always emphasizes on the removal of social-evils, out-dated conventions, rituals and customs crippling the society. He wishes to expand the service of human beings by creating more and more centers of Shiv Shanti Ashram.

We Team The Sindhu World pray almighty to bless Sant Ji with long healthy life so the suffering humanity, poor and needy ones get benefited from the healing works of Santi Ji for longer period.