Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sant Hirdaram Sahib

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Sant Hirdaram Sahib Ji - Bhopal Saint

hirdaramIf the Sindh was renowned as the land of Sufis, Saints and Fakirs, Indian cities with Sindhi population have gained fame of working ground of one or more famous sindhi saints, especially after the partition in 1947 when like other Hindus, most of Sindhis were also forced to migrate.

This has passed over a centaury since when one of the most renowned sindhi saint was born on 21st September 1906 at small village Bhirya, of Nawabshah district, Sindh as the son of Indumati and Shri Sahajram Ji.. As usual news of birth of boy child brought a smile on faces of family members, who were not aware that destiny has brought this soul on the earth for making thousands and thousands people cheerful with smiling face. The baby boy was named as Ramchand.

Child Ramchand was not the normal human being as at the tender age 14 years he was not finding worldly pleasures attractive and was intended to move on the spiritual path of self realisation, he become disciple of famous saint Baba Hariram Sahib Ji . This was his thrust to know self and serve the humanity which results in taking Sansyas (renunciation) at early age of just 18 years. This was his dedication to serve the master which forced Baba Hariram Sahib to help and guide him to develop attitude of understanding spirituality in true sense.

Looking at the faith of Ramchand has with Lord Rama, Baba Hariram Sahib Ji suggested new name Hirdaram (Jiske Hirday Mein Ram Ka Niwas Ho - Person with having lord Rama at heart) for him. During all these years he along with Baba Hariram Sahib visited Haridwar several times, this helped him to feel development of strong urge to serve the deprived, and genuine concern for Indian culture & ‘Sanskaras’.

In the 1948 Hirdhram Sahib Ji migrated to India and started his fieldwork at Jodhpur but soon shifted to Ajmer, eventually at Pushkar , by the year 1950 a small cottage at Pushkar become activity centre of Sant Hirdaram Sahib.

In the year 1962 Sant Hirdaram Sahib Ji visited Bairagarh a small township of migrated Sindhis, close to Bhopal, capital city of Madhya Pradesh and was highly impressed with love and dedication of local people. Native Sindhis persists for permanent stay of Sant Ji at Bairagarh Bhopal. In the year 1965 Sant Hirdaram Sahib Ji shifted to Bairagarh Bhopal. This is token of his silent and sincere service of society that government of Madhya Pradesh agreed and announced new name Sant Hirdaram Nagar to this area on 5th of June 1995.

At Bairagarh Bhopal Sant Hirdaram Sahib Ji took initiative for the foundation of a NGO, which is presently known as Sant HIRDARAM SHIKSHA EVAM SAMAJIK VIKAS SAMITI, for the purpose of conducting educational, cultural and social works, with the vision of organized groups of local residents, both women and men, are responsible controller of their resources.

“Sacrifice is eternal whereas seeking material pleasure is root to all sufferings.” is the best expression for the enlightenment acquired by the Sant Hirdaram Sahib Ji. All the teachings of Sant Hirdaram Sahib were centre to thought of serving the Lord Rama (God) in the form of suffering, needy and deprived class of human being. Entire life Sant Ji concentrated working towards helping the deprived by appealing the privileged to extend a generous helping hand for various benevolent activities in the field of health, education, patriotism and culture.

At the age of 101 years, on the 21 December 2006 Sant Hirdhram Sahib Ji left the physical world at this own Ashram in Bairagarh Bhopal.