Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sant Kanwarram

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About Life of Sant Kanwarram

Naale Alakh Je Bedo Tar Muhinjo..
One of the most Famous Song Of Bhagat Sahib

kanwarIn Sindhi Language a line goes like SHAL AHIDA LAL JAMAN , JEKE JAMANDE JAM BANI, JAG KHE ROSHAN KAN.This means may the such kids born, who virtue of their character and quality not only bring the pride for the parents and nation but the whole world may get shined with them.

Sindh which was already have the fame of being the land of religious & spiritual masters, Sufis, saints and darveshs, once again proved its fame on 13th April 1885 with the birth of Bhagat Kanwar Ram at village Jarwar of sakhar (Shakur) district as the son of Tirthbai & Tarachand.

The day of first meeting of Bhagat Saheb with Sain Satramdas, who were on the visit of Jarwar Village and Bhagat Saheb were just 9 year old, brought the moments of pride for the parents as Sain Satramdas sahib ji took some boiled grams "Kohar" from the kid Kanwar asked him about the money exchange for it.
The little, street hawker boy went for the biggest business deal of life as he humbly asked Sain "If you wish to give me something in exchange then please bless me by taking me as your disciple".

Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib were on journey of awaking the common person about the super powers Almighty and was traveling from place to place in the Sindhi. During Bhagat - the sessions of devotional music, singing and dance, Sant Kanwar Ram was used to sing creations of famous saints & poets Mira, Kabir and Shah Latif.

Miraculous Life of Bhagat Kanwarram 

Melodious, soft, silky, touching and healing voice of Bhagat Sahib was not only forcing people to travel considerable distance for listening him but also making them followers & devotee of Bhagat Sahib.

There are many miracle happening related with the Bhagat of Sant Kanwar Ram. It happened during the Bhagat, when Bhagat Sahib sung the "Raga Sarang" [Indian Classical Music - Raga of Rain] the clear sky started to fill with rain clouds and a heavy rain followed.

In yet another happening of Bhagat by him is, a young boy dies and mother took the dead body to Bhagat Sahib for Loli [Poetic Blessing] by Bhagat Sahib. As the Bhagat Sahib took the boy in lap, realize that life was missing from the body of boy but might the people not thought that boy died in the lap of Bhagat Sahib and get divert from the worship of God, so Bhagat Sahib remembered his spiritual master Sain Satramdas and prayed the almighty before starting the loli. A miracle happen life returned back to body of boy. This was a real indication of transfer of spiritual powers of Sain Satramdas Sahib with Sant Kanwar Ram and spiritual reach of Bhagat Sahib.

This was a set trend that all, whatever the Bhagat Sahib was to get during Bhagat, be distributed among the needy and poor people this was increasing the popularity of Bhagat Sahib and also the jealous people. November 1st of year 1939 is treated as the black day of history of Sindh as on this day some people shot dead Bhagat Sahib at Rukari [also known - Ruk] railway station.

HMV - recording company, is still generating business from this melodious voice as this is the only company to have the recorded voice of Bhagat Sahib, who people were forced to call as Sacho Satram. In those days company was having recording studio at Karachi only but as the Sant Kanwar Ram Sahib refused to go to Karachi hence the administrative staff of HMV was forced for shipping the recording machines and allied equipment to Sakhar, where this melodious healing voice was recorded and made available to followers of Bhagat Sahib scattered through out the world.

After the partition Sant Manoharlal Sahib [Grand son of Bhagat Kanwar Ram ] shifted to Amravati, Maharashtra, India and Kept the humanity serving works of Bhagat Sahib in continuation.