Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sant Nirankari Mission

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About Sant Nirankari Mission

Sant Nirankari Mission is yet another major religious faith of Sindhis, though this panth have the originating roots with Sikhism but still have a great impression our the religious behavior of Sindhi Community.

With some specific and unique traditions, custom and worship rituals devotees of this panth have gained a separate identity as "Nirankari Sindhi". Besides the religious & spiritual progress of the devotee Sant Nirankari Mission also pays attention towards the social life and provides free Medical add and arrange blood donation camps at various times and in various cities through out the globe. "Dhan Nirankar" [Shapeless birth less God is great] are the words used by Nirankari to great each other on meeting.

History of Sant Nirankari Mission

First important date of the history of the mission is 25 May 1929 the day when Baba Butasingh ji meet with Baba Avtarsingh ji in Peshawar ( now in Pakistan). Baba Avtarsingh ji was among the early followers of Baba Butasingh ji & has dedicated his life for spreading the Braham-Gyan " Without Knowing the God , Worship of God is meaning less". Both were trying to reach as many people as possible with all the patience they were doing the job.

In the year 1943 Baba Butasingh ji left the mortal body to become part of Nirankar. After Partition Baba Avtarsingh ji shifted to Delhi Where the Sant Nirankari Mandal being registered to arrange Satsang & other activities to heal the wounds of humanity. The Blessings of Shan shah Baba Avtarsingh ji is always with the followers in the form of " SAMPOORAN AVATAR BANI" [religious book of panth].
In the year 1962 Baba ji handed over the responsibility of the day to day work to Baba Gurbachansingh ji & started working as a common follower of the mission. Since 1980 Sadguru Baba Hardevsingh ji are taking care of the mission. Baba ji are of the very strong opinion " Spiritual awareness is the only medium which can lead us towards our goal of Human unity, peaceful co-existent and achieving the world development". Here world Brotherhood is not a dream but is a achievable goal.

The word Nirankar is originated from the "Nirankar" which means without any aakar [shape] & bodiless without any shape is only the God. Sant Nirankari Mission strongly believes that to reach the God it is essential to have a guru who is in light of truth & knows the Braham-Gyan.

Panch Prans [Five Principles]

Today more than 1500 branches of mission are working [almost 200 out side India] all over the world. There are about 600 satsang bhavans where daily satsang is held. Mission is trying that irrespective of caste or nationality every human being must feel the divine pleasure in day to day life, for which five principles must be observed by every one. These principles which are also called " Panch Pran" Five oaths are :-

.1. Body , Mind & Wealth are given by the Nirankar , hence we should treat them as the property of Nirankar God & should not have proud about them.
.2. We must not have pride abut Caste, Religion or Varna-aashram.
.3. We should not hate any one by way of one's eating or clothing habits.
.4. We must live in Grahasth Aashram, it not good become Sadhu Sant or Fakir & become a burden on society.
.5. Knowledge given by Sad guru should not be shared with others without the permission of sad guru.

Sant Nirankari mission is not only a spiritual organization but also engaged in many social activities. In our country mission is among the one of the institution which conducted " Blood Donation" camps on large scale , beside that mission is also running about 150 charitable hospitals in various Satsang bhavans, one of such is working in Gandhinagar Kolhapur also. To help the widows & poor needy women mission is conducting stitching & embroidery classes.


Teri Oat Sahara Tera, Tan Man Ghol Ghumaniyan|
Kahe Avtar Tere Hi Data Din Rati Gun Gawan |
Ek Tu Nirankar, Ek Tu Hi Nirankar ||

Main Hana Sada Bhulanshar - 2
Tu Hai Data Bakshanhar - 2
Ek Tu Hi Nirankar, Ek Tu Nirankar ||

Tera Roop Hai Eh Sansar - 2
Sab Da Bhala Karo Kartar - 2
Meri Mang Hai Eh Datar - 2
Ek Tu Hi Nirankar, Ek Tu Hi Nirankar ||

Mera Dhole Na Etbar -2
Baksho Shardha Bhakti Pyar -2
Karana Main Santa Da Satkar -2
Ek Tu Hi Nirankar, Ek Tu Hi Nirankar ||


He Samrath Parmatama, He Nirgun Nirankar |
Tu Karta Hai Jagat Ka, Tu Sab Ka Aadhar |

Kan Kan Mein Hai Bas Raha,Tera Roop Apar |
Teen Kaal Hai Satya Tu, Mithya Hai Sansar |

Ghat Ghat Vasi He Prabhu, Avnashi Kartar |
Daya Se Teri Hoan Sabhi, Bhavsagar Se Paar |

Nirakar Sakar Tu, Jag Ke Palanhar |
Hai Be Ant Mahima Teri, Data Aprampaar |

Param Pita Parmatama, Sab Teri Santan |
Bhala Karo Sab Ka Prabhu, Sab Ka Ho Kalyan|