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Sayi Bhaji Palak

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sai_bhajiSayi Bhaji - Palak


Sai Bhaji is unique vegetable recipe of Sindhi Community. Sindhi Wedding ceremony didn't completed without Tanhiree as food prepared for the Sathu - a marriage ritual- essentially have Sai Bhaji and Tanhiree.

Sai Bhai - Pulav or Sai Bhaji - Rice is common Sindhi food. Few other cuisines like Palak Jo Dhodho are not only highly delicious but also gaining popularity as breakfast dish in the Sindhi families.


Palak [Spinach] 1 Bunch, [at Ulhasnagar Sua [Dill Leaves] Methi [Fenugreek] and few other green leafy vegetables are available in market and even Palak is sold on weight instead of bunch, where is in most of other cities only Palak is available for cooking Sai Bhaji.] - Tomatoes 2 Medium [Chopped], - Onion 2 [Chopped], - Channa Dal (Bengal Gram Dal)1 small cup - Green Chillies 2-3 [small pieces] , - coriander powder, - Turmeric Powder, - salt to taste, - Oil 2 tablespoon

Cooking Process

Soak the Channa Dal about half an hour before you schedule to start cocking.
Wash Palak and other green leafy vegetables and chopped them fine.
Heat oil in pressure cooker add onion and wait till it turn slightly reddish add half of green leafy vegetables, Channa Dal, Green Chilies and other masala and then remaining Palak, tomato, little water, salt to taste and close the lid.
Wait for about 5-6 whistles and slow down the flame for next few minute.
Open the lid and mash well to get indigenous thick viscous liquid.
Your Sayi Bhaji is ready transfer it to serving bowl.

Medicines available in Kitchen 

Cardamom is often used to treat indigestion and gas.
Clove is good for pain relief, nausea, vomiting and digestive problems.
Garlic is good for for people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, coughs, gas and high blood pressure etc.