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Seyal Bhaji Karela-Bhindi Basar

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Like the potato, onions are also the most consumed vegetable of Sindhi Kitchen and very essential part of sindhi food. Beside the normal use of onion sindhi people are used to prepare many dishes from the onion, in combination of several other vegetables and even with fish. Basically these food stuffs are known as Sayel Bhaji, which is signatory sindhi vegetable in which onion is used as major ingredient and often named after the other vegetable used like Karela Basar and Bhindi Basar [onion] etc.

Important Tip

The basic preparation method is almost the same whoever there is a bit difference in the ways of getting the ingredients ready for the cooking. For example Karela [Bitter Gourds] are peeled off and kept salted for few hours say 4-6 hours to reduce the bitterness of the vegetable.


Karela Basar (Bitter Gourds - Onion) 

Most of the people took the salted Karela, silt to take off the seeds, and put in the masala and ginger paste inside the cavity thus formed and tide it with thread. Half boil them with oil and water in fry pan or even on hot plate [Tava] and use with onions. Some other people fry Karela in oil and use the same oil for onions.

Bhindi (Ladies Finger) Basar

Most of people cut the Bhindi [Lady Finger] into long pieces and make a slit to check out the presence of worms etc. put in mixture of salt and red Chillies and use with onion. A few people fry Bhindi till it turns slightly dark and then use with onion.

Cooking Process

The basic method is onions are sliced and cooked with a bit say half tablespoon of oil, sliced tomato, chopped green Chillies, a pintch of ginger paste and salt to taste till getting pink in color. At this stage second vegetable is added and mixture is cooked with turmeric powder, coriander powder and garam masala to get homogeneous vegetable with soft and brown colored onions.

For the Machhi [Fish] Basar, fish is used either after boiling or after frying only.