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Shyam Jaisinghani

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About Shyam Jaisinghani

Famous Modern Sindhi Writer - Academy Award - Sindhi Drama
31st Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1998

shyam_jaisinghaniIn the 1998 Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award was given for Sindhi Drama book "Zalzalo" a literary creation of famous Sindhi Writer Shyam Jaisinghani, the front runner of the Sindhi writers of post partition era responsible for modernization of the Sindhi literature. Shyam Jaisinghani was born on 12 February 1937 at Queeta Baluchastan is an Arts graduate B.A. who had also completed Diploma in Photography and Civil Draftsmanship hence so many times in sindhi literary world it is also said that Shyam instead of writing the theme click the theme. Shyam also have credit of designing cover pages of various Sindhi publications for more than 50 occasions.

This might be the Novel or Short Story, Sindhi Drama or Poetry or even the Criticism every horizon of Sindhi literature is contributed by the Shyam Jaisinghani and his many publications have been awarded by Education Ministry, HRD Ministry of Government of India, Maharashtra State Sindhi Sahitya Academy, Delhi Sahitya Academy and few other institutions. He has also bagged Translation Award of Sahitya Academy in the year 1995 for translating "Chani" a book written by C.T. Khanlokar.

Profile [Biography] – Shyam Jaisinghani

Full Name
Shyam Sanwaldas Jaisinghani 

B.A., Dip.in Photography & Civil Draftsmanship

Associated City
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Place of Birth
Queeta Baluchastan


Birth Date
12 February 1937

Sindhi Literature

Literary Contribution – List of Books – Shyam Jaisinghani

Besides being the a novelist, short story writer and critic Shyam Jaisinghani has contributed as designer also as he has credit of designing cover pages of many Sindhi Magazines on more that fifty occasions.  Some of his popular books are 

Goani Manzar
Hiku Biyo Dinhun
Kacha Daga
Melan Jo Sansar
Nango Asmaan

Award – Shyam Jaisinghani

Shyam Jaisinghani has bagged the most prestigious literary award of Sindhi literature "Acdemy Award" in 1998 for his Sindhi Drama book "Zalzalo". Some of other prominent awards showered on Shyam Jaisinghani are given below with title of publication. 

Sahitya Academy Translation Award 1995 Chani [ written by C.T. Khanolkar]
Maharashtra Sindhi Sahitya Academy 1990 Hiku Biyo Dinhun
HRD Ministry 1986 Melan Jo Safar
Ministry of Education 1981 Vichhotiyoon