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Sindhi Dharamshala Nanded

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Sindhi Dharamshala – Tourist Stay Home

nanded2Sindhi community have ancestral tendency of  constructing Sindhi Dharamshala in every city or village they live. Sindhi community in India, after partition has kept on this constructive work of building community building for local and other Sindhi people. Sindhi Dharamshala is not just a building used by local sindhi community but it also provide tourist stay home to vising Sindhi families. Though at some places Sindhi Dharamshalas are deprived of this facility but at all important cities and tourist destinations of India, if you are looking for inexpensive, clean and well maintained rental room and if you are Sindhi you are bound to get it at one of the Sindhi Dharamshala of city constructed by local Sindhi community. Some of Sindhi Dharamshala also provide accommodation to non Sindhi tourist.

Most recent addition to Sindhi Dharamshala with tourist Stay facility is one constructed by Sindhi Panchayat Nanded with title name figuring name of Sindhi deity Lord Jhulelal i.e. "Shri Jhulelal Mamdir Bhavan" . Nanded Sindhi community for sure deserve a word of praise when we consider the Sindhi population of Nanded which is hardly 1200 but still they worked round the clock, donated generously to construct an art of structure building to provide tourist stay facility to all Sindhi community members visiting Nanded from all parts of globe. We have to keep this in mind that as Sri Gurunanak Dev Sahib ji are worshiped by Sindhi community so several thousands of Sindhi are visiting Nanded every year. Having a bit different life style Nanded visiting Sindhi were finding it hard to find accommodation near to Hazur Sahib Gurudwara  but now with Shri Jhulelal Mandir Bhavan every Sindhi can enjoy tourist stay facility not only at affordable rates but in an environment similar to  Sindhi home.

All the rooms at Sindhi Dharamshala Nanded i.e. Shri Jhulelal Madir Bhavan are not just with all modern facilities but also each room is with four beds so entire visiting Sindhi family can be accommodated in Single room. This building of Sindhi community is located at one of the major road of the city and at walking distance from Gurudwara. Some of Local Sindhi families are also living in the area close to Sindhi Dharamshala so visiting Sindhi families will have ample opportunities of living in Sindhi atmosphere. There is a garden close to building which can provide quality time to elderly Sindhi members of the family and place to play for Sindhi kids.  For online booking of rooms at Sindhi Dharamshala Nanded one can contact Sindhi Panchayat officials details are given on Nanded Sindhi Panchayat Page of this website.