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Sindhi Folk Literature


Lila Chanesar

Legendary Sindhi Literature -Lila Chanesar - Tragic Romance of Sindh Sindh also have fame of being the land of seven ...
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Momal Rano

Tragic Romance of Sindh – Momal RanoSindhi Folk Story - Seven Queens of Shah - Shah Jo Risal One of ...
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Noori Jam Tamachi

About Story Noori is the only queen among the seven heroines of famous Sindhi poet Shah Abdul Latif, the creator ...
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Sassi Punnu

Legendary Sindhi Literature -Sassi Punnun - Tragic Romance of Sindh Sassi Punnun is the story of eternal love and symbol ...
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Sorath Rai Diyach

About Story Eventually when you will complete reading this story, surely you will agree with me that in fact story ...
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Suhini Menhar

About This Folk Story of SindhAmong the seven stories of Tragic Romance of Sindh, Suhini Menhar [Suhini Mehar] is most ...
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Umar Marvi

About StoryUmar Marvi, yet another famous folktale of Sindh, part of Seven Tragic Romanceof Sindh, included into Shah Jo Risalo ...
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