Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sindhi History & Language


Sindhu River – From shores

Sindhu – Gods blessing to Sindhi communitySindhu - Sindhi - Sindh - Sindhu River & History - Sindhu Darshan Festival ...
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Trio of Sindhi Literature

Shah – Sachal – SamiThis might be influence of versatility of the Sindhi language originated on the banks of river ...
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Sindhi in India

Sindhi in India : S.P.Sir I would like to start with a SMS which was trending a few years back ...
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Padma Awards (Sindhi)

Padma Awards and SindhiSince the dawn of civilization, even in Vedic era Indian have the tradition of felicitating society members ...
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Sindhi Tipano

Sindhi Tipano (Hindu Calendar) Sindhi youth specially born and brought up in an European country, part of United Kingdom or ...
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Sindhi Sahitya Academy Awards

Sindhi Sahitya Academy AwardsAfter the partition, in multilingual country India, this was a long struggle to get recognition for Sindhi ...
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Indus Valley Land : Sindh

Historic Indus valley Land : Sindh Before I start here, I feel this is my most obligatory duty to pay ...
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Impacts of Partition

Sindhi Community : Impacts of Partition of India Analytic views of Premanshu Manghirmalani Sindhi civilisation is among the most ancient ...
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Preserving Sindhi Culture

Preserving Sindhi Culture My self is not a social reformer but still many times my cerebral cortex gets teased with ...
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Partition & Sindhi in India

Partition & Sindhi in India :: S.P.SirThe most significant year of the modern Sindhi history is 1947, the year of ...
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Who Are Sindhis ?

Who are Sindhis Imagine you are on tour with family, which language you will use for conversation with each other? ...
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