Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Indian Sindhi Writer Poets


A J Uttam

Sindhi Literature Encyclopedia: A J Uttam - Pioneer of Sindhi Literature A very rare class of people can be classified ...
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Arjan Sikayal

About : Arjan Detaram NathaniFamous Sindhi - Sindhi Literature - Freedom Fighter Arjan Sikayal a renowned name from the world ...
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Bhagwan Nirdosh

Biography – Bhagwan NirdoshSindhi Literature – Gaurav Puraskar - Famous Sindhi Recently when the Gaurav Puraskar of Gujarat State Government ...
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Dr. Baldev Matlani

Biography: Dr. Baldev MatlaniDr. Baldev Matlani born on 01October 1951 is one of the famous Sindhi writer, teacher of the ...
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Dr. Dayal Asha

Biography : Dayal AshaSindhi Intellectual : Multi Skilled :Dr. Dayal Asha Dr Dayal Asha is a femos sindhi writer, singer ...
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Motilal Jotwani

Profile Famous Sindhi Writer – Educationist – Gandhian – Fellow of Harvard Divinity School and Known for specialized in Sindhi ...
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Murlidhar Jetley

Biography: Dr. Murlidhar Kishinchand JetleyDelhi University - Modern Indian languages -Sindhi PhonologyMurlidhar Jetley who retired from the Department of Modern ...
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Jetho Lalwani

Biography : Jetho Lalwani Multilingual Sindhi Writer - Dr. Jetho Lalwani - T. V. Radio Artists Dr. Jetho Lalwani, presently ...
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Jhamu Chhugani

About : Jhamu Chhugani Famous Sindhi Writer - Educationist - Administrator Born on 05 September 1946 at Hyderabad Sindh Jhamu ...
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K R Malkani

Sindhi Writer [The Sindh Story] Politician & Journalist - K. R. Malkani This is not a usual happening of human ...
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Lachman Bhambhani

Biography : Lachman Udharam BhambhaniSindhi Literature – Rajasthan Sindhi Academy – Sindhi Writer Journalist Like legendry trio of Sindhi literature ...
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Manoharlal Nihalani

About : Manoharlal Nihalani Famous Sindhi Teacher - Writer - Stage & Radio Artist - Sindhi Drama Director This might ...
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Nand Hinduja Anand

Biography Nand HindujaNandlal Hinduja - Famous Sindhi Writer-Poet- Sindhi Teacher Nand Hinduja Anand famous sindhi poet and one among the ...
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Parasram Zia

Biography – Parasram Hiranand Sachanandani “Zia”Famous Sindhi Poet – Sindhi Literature – Sindhi Films Parasram Zia born on 11 July ...
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S P Menghani

Biography : S P Menghani Famous Sindhi Writer, Actor, Director – Sindhi Drama King - Sindhi Sahitya Academy Sobhraj Parsram ...
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Sajan Gianchandani

Biography : Sajan Gianchandani Famous Sindhi Poet - Writer - Educationist - Social Worker Sajan Gianchandani one of most popular Sindhi ...
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Sunder Agnani

About Sunder AgnaniBorn on 01 October 1936 in the Nawabshah district of Sindh and presently settled at Pink city Jaipur ...
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Vimmi Sadarangani

Biography: Dr. Vimmi SadaranganiYoung Sindhi –Famous Sindhi Poet – Sindhi Teacher – Sahitya Akademi Born on 15 August 1971 at ...
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