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Sindhi Mashroom

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Dag Mein Khumbiyun

Sindhi Food Habits - Sindhi Recipes - Sindhi Kitchen 

mashroom1Dag Mein Khumbiyun is one typical Sindhi recipe which in the modern day style cocking has almost at vanishing stage or at least seems to be misplaced in the forest of day to day presented vegetables. This is yet another Onion based vegetable from Sindhi kitchen.  In the olden days this recipe was pronounced as “Khumbiyun Dag Mein “  but as where are progressive people so we will call it “Mashroom in Sindhi Style” or Simply “ Mashroom Curry” 

This is historic fact that Sindhi are known for their food habit and addiction towards the delicious food hence the heritage of Sindhi youth is forcing them to find the old sindhi recipes cooked in the sindhi kitchen in olden days. Sindhi Mashroom is one such Old Sindhi recipe which is on the way of being rediscovered and introduced to sindhi kitchen though in a bit different style to make the sindhi food habit more versatile and more delicious.   


Onion – medium sized 3-4 / two large may also serve the purpose
Mashroom – about 10 pieces [cut each into 2 pieces]
Fresh Tomato – small 2 [a few are using Tomato puri]
Spices - Adrak or Ginger – Kamal Patru [Tej Patta] – coriander powder – turmeric powder – Garam Masala – chopped green Chilies
Oil, say 2 table spoon or enough for frying.

Before we go for the cocking process I would say that one will learn about the quantity of ingredients specially of the Mashrooms from the experience to me quantity given here is enough for three –four persons. Second the taste of this vegetable lies with “Dag” this is again experience learned thing, more and more times you prepare this more and more you will get perfection about “Dag”.


Take about 2 table spoon of oil in pressure cooker and add chopped onions. Heat till [on medium flame] the onion gets brownish.
Add chopped Tomato, green chilies, finely cut ginger pieces and heat [high flame] for about 1 minute.
Add one cup of water [I prefer to use hot water] close the cooker and heat till the first whistle. Now lower the flame and wait for five minute.
Stop heating and allow to things to cool .open the cooker mix the gravy very softly. Add Mashroom pieces, Kamal Patru, Coriander and turmeric powder, garam masala etc. along with say about 2 cups of water.
Close the cooker and heat for 3 whistles. Lower the flame and allow cooking for 10 minutes.
Your vegetable is ready. Transfer into bowl and garnish with green leaves of coriander or even with pieces of cashew nut.