Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sindhi Panchayat Burhanpur




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Burhanpur – Sindhi Panchayat History

A Unique feature of the most of the Sindhi Panchayats at Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh is existence of post of Mukhi, considered of higher importance than President. There are in all five Panchayat functional there. Initially this tradition was started way back around 1955 by Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani and Dr. Motiram Sukhwani with co-operation from Manghandas Tharvani, Master Keshavdas, Shri Sadarangmal and many others to establish Katani and Menghan Panchayat.
This was probably 1975 when first common Sindhi Dharamshala was constructed at Main Road in Sindhi Basti. In the years to come Mana Camp Sindhi Panchayat and Itwara Panchayat become functional. Puj Katani Panchayat has constructed a small community hall near Terahan Kholi. In past decade or two many Sindhi families started to live in Indira Colony and thus the fifth Sindhi Panchayat of the city is constituted. Since past few years Lalbagh Sindhi Panchayat is non functional. 



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List of Sindhi Panchayat Burhanpur
1] Puj Katani Panchayat
2] Puj Menghan Panchayat
3] Puj Panchayat Sindhi Samaj Mana Camp
4]Itwara Sindhi Panchayat
5] Indira Colony Sindhi Panchayat
Lalbag sindhi also have separate panchayat but presently institution is non functional.



Puj Katani Panchayat
Mukhi : Narsinghdas Chichadwani
President : Tekchand Navani 9826537101
Secretary : Gopichand Mangtani 9893029277
tekchand_navani gopichand_mangtani
Other Office Bearers : Rameshlal Jethwani [Vice President] - Satramdas Dhankani [Vice President] - Vijaykumar Agnani [Treasurer] - Dr. Sushilkumar Agnani [Auditor]

Puj Panchayat Sindhi Samaj Mana Camp
Mukhi : Pinjomal Jeswani 8349944515
President : Dayaram Bulchandani 9039244482
Secretary :
Other Office Bearers : Anil Hemwani [Joint Sec.] - Bhagwandas Chanchlani [Member] - Satish Chanchlani [Member] - Veerumal Dumbwani [Member]





Puj Manghan Panchayat
Mukhi : Sudamomal Navani 9926412900
President : Sudamomal Sukhwani 9425951140
Secretary : Deepak Wadhwani 9826590114
Other Office Bearers : Asandas Gurbani [Vice President] - Meharchand Gunwani [Auditor] -Holaram Rochlani [Treasurer]

Indira Colony Sindhi Panchayat [Baba Nanak Sindhi Sewa Trust ]
President : Bhojraj Motwani
Secretary : Vasudev Budhwani 9302225121
Other Office Bearers : Vijay Thadani 8989454842 [Vice President] - Anil Hemwani 9827755081 [Joint Sec.]