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Sindhi Pulav

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pulavBhuga Chanvar - Sindhi Pulav


Sindhi PulavRice is staple Sindhi food like Potato. Rice and Dal is most common, popular dinner of Sindhi homes but Sindhi Pulav - Bhuga Chanvar is the most famous Sindhi Rice recipe. Often the Sindhi Pulav and Biryani are considered as the same dish though there is important difference between Biryani and Sindhi Pulav is the use of other vegetables. To get taste of Biryani use other vegetables while following the cooking process of Sindhi Pulav with slight alteration. Mutton & Chicken Biryani can also be cooked in same way.


Rice 1 small bowl, - Sliced Small Onion 1-2, - Red chilli powder - Khada Garam Masala [Tejpatta 1 - Cloves 2-3, - Black cardamon,1 - Dalchini 1 small stick], (in recent times people develop habit of using readymade "Garam Masala" ) Salt to taste, - Oil 1 tbsp

Vegetables used for making Biryani: Any of available or as per the choice in sliced and chopped status.

Cooking Process

Washing and soaking rice for half hour before cooking makes this dish more tasty.
Keep the handi or cooking vessel on medium flames add oil, sliced and Masala, allow onion to turn dark brown.
Add red chilli powder and Rice [ Powder Garam Masala if used instead of Khada Masala].
Allow to fry for 1-2 minutes, [for making Biryani add vegetables or half boiled pieces of mutton/ chicken here and mix softly]
Add Rice, Salt and water [ normally double of rice quantity but may varies with the quality of rice you are using].
cover it till rice get cooked.
Serve it hot.


Did you know : 

A teaspoon full of crushed seeds of Mustard in warm water acts as a mild laxative and blood purifier.
Turmeric can be used internally and externally to heal wounds, relieve pains in the limbs, break up congestion and as a restorative after the loss of blood from childbirth.