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Sindhi Saints

Biography – Famous Sindhi Saints
Saints are the touch bearers for the masses, the stranger roamers of the darkness. Sindhi Community is highly blessed by ever mighty with numerous saints and spiritual masters born on the Indus land Sindh and Dev Bhoomi India. Read all this to fill the life with light and wisdom generated from the illustrative life journey of famous sindhi saints.
Biographies of Saints & Satguru of Prem Prakash Mandal and Sant Nirankari Mission are given in the Religious World Section.
Barring Sant Kanwar Ram & Sain Vasan Shah, all the names of sindhi saints included here are in alphabetical order of names.


Sain Vasan Shah

Biography – Vasan Shah – Vasan GhotSai Vasan Shah were born in the family of famous Saint Bhai Kundaram of ...
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Sant Kanwarram

About Life of Sant KanwarramNaale Alakh Je Bedo Tar Muhinjo..One of the most Famous Song Of Bhagat SahibIn Sindhi Language ...
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Asaram Bapu

Asaram (Assaram) Bapu - Sri Yoga Vedanta Samiti Whoever or whenever the memories of modern time [after independence] saints from ...
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Sant Baba Asudaram

Biography: Sant Baba Asudaram Sakhi Baba - Famous Sindhi SaintSant Baba Asudaram Sahib was among the famous Sindhi Saints who ...
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Sai Chanduram

Biography : Sant Chandu RamSant Chanduram Sahib This is often said that only the blessed one get chance to serve ...
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Baba Gopaldas

Biography : Sant Baba GopaldasI recall in one of my rotary article, I have written that Buddha was telling to ...
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Sant Baba Gelaram

Biography – Baba GelaramJalgaon – Godadiwala Dham – Famous Sindhi Saint This is uncommon that one who is looked as ...
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Baba Hardasram

Biography - Sant Baba Hardasram - Godadi waro Ghanshyam Sindh the land situated on banks of holly river Sindhu, beside ...
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Dadi Haridevi

Dadi Haridevi Vaswani Blessings of ever mighty were once again merciful on the family of Sadhu T L Vaswani, the ...
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Sant Hirdaram Sahib

Sant Hirdaram Sahib Ji - Bhopal Saint If the Sindh was renowned as the land of Sufis, Saints and Fakirs, ...
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Sant Baba Jairamdas

Sant Baba Jairamdas This was the knowledge of generations, reflecting in the words of Sant Baba Jairamdas, one of the ...
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Dada Jashan Vaswani

J P Vaswani - Spiritual Guide, Writer, Poet & Educationist Many Sindhi jewels are born on the auspicious land of ...
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Swami Lilashah

Swami Leela Shah: Gandhian Spiritual Master of Sindhis Some people are born with purpose of living as the guiding lights ...
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Sadhu T L Vaswani

Sadhu T L Vaswani : Sindhi Philosopher, Educationist & Spiritual Master Sadhu vaswani [Thanwardas Leelaram Vaswani] was born on 25th ...
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Sant Yudhishtar Lal

Biography : Sant Yudhishtar Lal : Shadani Darbar Raipur Sant Yudhishtar lal ji one among the young and famous Sindhi ...
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Sain Sadhram

Biography of Sain Sadhram Saheb -  Saints of Sindh How the blessings of forefathers and attitude towards the worship of omnipresent ...
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Saint Satram Das – Saint of Sindh

Saint Satram Das : A True Spiritual Master: Saint of Sindh This is a fact that always Masters give knowledge ...
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Saints of Sindh

Saints of SindhSant Khotaram Pioneer of Sindhi Bhagat – Famous Sindhi Singer History says that Village Rahadki of the Sindhi ...
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