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Ever since the start of Sindhu civilization, we Sindhis have a great respect and faith with our social institutions like the Panchayat. It was time that all the social problems and disputes were taken care by the Panchayat and fix the norms of behavior in the society.

After the partition in 1947 when Sindhis were forced to migrate to India, the tradition of Panchayat and Community hall - Sindhi Dharam Shala become integral part of social life of Indian Sindhis. Almost in every city of India where migrated Sindhis were accommodated they constructed Dharam Shala.

Here we are going to give information about Sindhi Dharamshala in the various cities of India and known to us. These charitable buildings of sindhi community are not just being used as the community hall for the social functions but also proving cheap tourist stay homes or holiday home for the visiting Sindhis. If you wish to add to it please do write us. Listing of Sindhi Dharamshala is given in alphabetical order of city names. Names given in blue colors are indicating availability of lodging facility.

 just click on alphabet to get the listing of Sindhi Dharam Shala in India. City name starting with that alphabet.


If Sindhi Dharamshala from your city is not listed here please do inform us with all the essential details we assure to include it.
Further this may be noted that we don't have any tie-up with any of these Sindhi Dharamshala for the booking of rooms. If you wish to book room with any of Dharamshala listed contact directly on the contact information provided. We have given listing is given just for drawing reference. 

Help us in updating contact info of Sindhi Dharamshala by informing us Telephone Number of Dharamshala, Name & Mobile No. of Contact person.