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Sindhi Recipes - Traditional and non traditional Sindhi Food
Sindhi community is known for the the delicious food and human society fond of eating. There are few signatory food stuff like Papad , Dal Pakwan, Tanhiree and natural cold drink Thadal, which are closely associated with eating habits of Sindhi people. Sindhi community is renowned for diverse food stuff though this is fact that Rice and Potato are the staple sindhi Food, Onion is also highly used vegetable. Many recipes like Palak Paneer are non traditional food but in the recent times have become routine of Sindhi kitchen.

Frying is an important and dominating activity of Sindhi Kitchen. Sindhi cuisines are not only famous for excessive use of oil and spices but also known for the unique and typical style of cooking, which generates mouth watering aroma and make more hungry and invites for eating beyond hunger.
We are starting with vegetarian dishes and in future will include recipes for the Non vegetarian food stuffs. I recognize help and extend my thanks to Vanshika Tolani [my daughter], Mrs. Radha Chandwani, Mrs. Neetu Thakur and some of my other friends for helping me, for presenting these typical Sindhi recipes.
Shobha S M.

List of Sindhi recipes presently included
Sindhi Breakfast / Snacks

Chilo Bread
Dal Pakwan
Pakoda (Pakora)

Sindhi Rice Recipes

Sindhi Pulav     Tanhiree    Vegetable Fried Rice

Non Traditional Sindhi Recipes

Palak Paneer

Traditional / Festival Food Recipes

Tikyoon Lola
Kohar (Ranh)

Typical Sindhi Vegetable Recipes

Basen Basar
Gobi Patata

Methi Patata
Sai Bhaji (Palak)
Sauel Bhaji
Tarial Patata

Sindhi Kaddhi (Sindhi Curry)
Vadyun Patata