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Sindhu Ratan

Famous Sindhi Social Workers – Sindhu Ratan
Here is yet another list of famous Sindhis, Sindhi personalities. All of the personalities on this list belong to different walks of life and by the dedication, desire and their works for the progress of Sindhi community, all of them deserve to be called as Sindhu Ratan (Jewels of Sindhi community). Each of these is a multi talent person who can find place in more than one section of Biography.  We at The Sindhu World feel honored by including biography of these famous Sindhi personalities here. Constructive suggestions and feedback of site visitors will help us to serve global Sindhi community in more effective way.


Master Chander

Biography : Master ChanderSoul of Sindhi music and folk singing - Pioneer and Famous Sindhi Kalam  Singer History of Sindhi ...
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H K Chainani

Justice H K Chainani – Biography Hashmatrai Khubchand Chainani Chief Justice of Bombay High Court  29 February stands as the symbol ...
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Hashu Advani

Hashu Adwani Education Academy - Chembur Welfare Association In the free India along with unmatched business success, establishment of socially ...
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Hemu Kalani

Amar Shahid Hemu Kalani One of the youngest Indian freedom fighter and freedom God of Sindhi community Amar shahid Hemu ...
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Lachman Chellaram

Famous Gurbani Worshiper : Shri Dada Lachman Chellaram In the Europe and western country one most famous saying goes like ...
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Nirmala Gajwani

Sindhi Woman Politician : Journey of a Sindhi Woman in Time This is even hard to imagine the pains of ...
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P. D. Hinduja

Paramanand Deepchand Hinduja - Hinduja Foundation Though our sindhi community is known for our business oriented attitude and life style ...
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Bhai Pratap

Bhai Pratap : Bhai Pratap Dialdas NanvaniBhai Pratap was not just a successful businessman, Sindhi politician or a freedom fighter ...
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Prem Ramchandani

Sindhis in Air Force: Sindhi Saput: Prem Ramchandani This is customary tradition of Sindhi community that individuals never hesitate to ...
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Admiral R H Tahiliani

Biography: Admiral R H TahilianiAdmiral R H Tahiliani – Governor of Sikkim - Transparency International Certainly this is one of ...
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Rajeev Motwani

Biography: Rajeev MotwaniProfessor of Computer Science – Sindhi Youth – Famous Sindhi Rajeev Motwani was born as the son of ...
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Ram Jawahrani

Ram Jawahrani - Sahyog Foundation - Global Sindhi Council Certainly this the hardest task when you are asked to introduce ...
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