Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sindhu River – From shores

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Sindhu – Gods blessing to Sindhi community

Sindhu - Sindhi - Sindh - Sindhu River & History - Sindhu Darshan Festival

sindhu_kinareThis is scientifically proved fact that water is the most essentially for existence of life. It is also a historical and time proven that this may be the river Sindhu or river Ganga or may the river Nile or river Volga each one, not only holds important place in the social life of respective country of own but also have provided an unique identity for the human community living on their shores besides effecting the economic life of community and played an important role in development of the community. On the shores of river Sindhu, the blessing of God to Sindhi human civilisations got birth and progressed were as river Ganga is considered as the heritage of social life in India and worshiped as Mother Ganga.