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The Sindhu World is not yet another Sindhi Website but is the virtual home of globally scattered Sindhi community. This is mirror for the rich Sindhi cultural heritage, customs and traditions, which are reflecting from the complete story of Sindhi Deity Jhulelal and biographies of Sindhi Saints, Religious Gurus, Spiritual Master, eminent writers, poets, sports personalities, politicians and Sindhi Social workers. Life style and social life of Sindhi samaj can be visualized from Sindhi Festivals, Sindhi Recipes and religious faiths.

This website is offering connecting links for global Sindhis in the form of The Sindhu World Sindhi Directory [City wise], Listing of Sindhi Dharamshala in India [included on corresponding city page], The Sindhu News World about the activities of Sindhis from every corner of the globe.

Sindhi Shan
After the partition of India in 1947, sindhi community was forced to live with scattered population through out the globe. Info on the famous sindhi social workers, unsung Heroes of Sindhi community, active with local city / village level is given under Directory section with another info about city in India with sindhi population under heading Sindhi Shan.

Section comprise of following sub categories

starts with complete story of Lord Jhulelal ( Lal Sain Uderolal) . Water God Jhulelal is considered as the liberator of Sindhi, Hindu community during the rule of Mirak shah on Sindh. Birthday of Jhulelal (Cheti Chand - Full Moon Day of Hindu month Chaitra) is celebrated as the Sindhi New Year Day.

Sindhi Festivals
Sindhi Calendar is more or less is Hindu Calendar as sindhi history roots back to Vedic era hence there are lots of sindhi festivals which resembles with more popular Hindu festivals. Teejari is more or less Karva Choith of north India, Nag Panchami & Gogio are considered as the same. Sindhi New Year is celebrated on the full moon day of Chaitra month, birth day of sindhi deity Jhulelal, on this day procession of Baharno is taken out with traditional Sindhi performance Chhej (fusion of dance & music).

Sindhi Folk Literature
Famous sindhi stories of tragic romance of Sindh are given under the heading Sindhi Folk Literature. Momal Rano, Umar Marvi, Sohni Mahiwal, Lilan Chanesar, Noori Jam Tamachi, Sassui Punnhun and Sorath Rai Diyach . In the legendary sindhi literature "Shah Jo Rasalo" these seven ladies are considered as the seven heroins of Sindh.

Sindhi History & Language
Many articles on the Sindhi history, culture, customs, traditions, language and literature are included in this section for the younger sindhi generations to know & get feel of rich cultural and social heritage held by the sindhi community.

Sindhi Recipes
Sindhi are also world renowned for their food habit, though this is fact that sindhi food is considered as more oily one. Rice and Potato are the staple food of Sindhi community hence sindhi food is considered as carbohydrate rich one, but still sindhi recipes are known for most healthy food and famous for mouth watering aroma. Here we are including only the traditional sindhi recipes directly from the kitchen of sindhi homes.

Team The Sindhu World hopes that you will find this new restructured website more user friendly and easy to navigate.

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