Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Sorath Rai Diyach

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About Story

Eventually when you will complete reading this story, surely you will agree with me that in fact story of Sorath Rai Diyach is more about the Scarifying, magical effect created by Music and how in the olden days people were dedicated to keep their promise. Instead of a pure love story, this is more about scarifying emotions of one woman [Sorath] and intense greed for wealth of another woman [wife of Beejal]. As the story has tragic end probably because of this it is considered as the part of “Tragic Romance of Sindh”. Sorath was one among the seven most beautiful women born in Sindh region in that era and story is part of legendry Sindhi literature “Shah Jo Risalo” so Sorath become included into Seven Queens of Sindh. Before I turn to story let me admit that this story was narrated to me in my childhood by our father and now I am scripting for you.

Birth of Beejal

The only sorrow which was disturbing Junagad King Rai Diyach’s sister was even after many years of married life, she was child less. She loved his brother King Rai Diyach to such extant than she always try to remain cheerful before him. Once a sufi saint came to her and forecasted that soon she will give birth to a boy child, listening to this she become happy but the next prediction of the saint proved water for fire of her happiness, as saint said this is the pre written destiny that King Rai Diyach will be killed at the hands of this boy.  She kept the news of her pregnancy secret from every one and when boy born she kept the newly born baby in a basket allowing basket to afloat in the river. She has done this, scarified her own son, just when he was born, for the sack of her love for brother as she thought this will help to prove false the prediction of saint and her beloved brother will remain safe. The basket swims to nearby area and was found by Shepherd Dami and his wife. They adopted the boy and gave name “Beejal” or "Bijal". 

Birth of Sorath

Nearby area of Kingdom of Rai Diyach was ruled by King Bhog, who already have six daughters and this time also his queen has given birth to a girl child. Dejected and annoyed queen of Bhog did the same thing with this newly born, unwanted  girl child, i.e. the baby was kept in basket and allowed to afloat in the river. The basket was found by a potter named “Ratno” from the Kingdom of Rai Diyach as the potter was child less so he and his wife decided to take the girl as their own child. They named the girl child as “Sorath”.

Young Beejal

Beejal was growing in years and with time started to go to forest for feeding animals. Once he heard divine musical notes and found that this music was being generated from the dried intestine of a Deer, hanging on a tree and sound was produced when wind was striking to it. Beejal took that and made an instrument like Bansuri [flute] from it, the only difference was that to produce music Beejal has to touch the strings of the instrument. At the appropriate time Dami and his wife arranged marriage of Beejal. 

Beauty of Sorath

Sorath was still in her teen age when the entire area has become filled with discussion about her unmatched beauty and this has forced King Annirai to send proposal for marriage. Considering the difference within them father “Ratno” happily agree to this proposal and decided to take Sorath in a procession for marriage with Annirai.

Marriage of Sorath and Rai Diyach

When the Marriage procession of Sorath was passing through the Junagad, Rai Diyach came to know about this and as the result Ratno, father of Sorath was forced to merry Sorath with Rai Diyach. Hearing this news Annirai felt insulated and made attacks on Junagad but was failed to take revenge of his humiliation. Finally he made announcement that one who will bring head of Rai Diyach will be entitled and owner of plate containing a lot of Diamonds, Jewels and other precious, which announcer was showing while announcing Annirai’s proclamation.

Beejal’s wife was a greedy woman though she had a great trust with musical powers of her husband, she asked announcer to hand over that precious plate and promise that her husband will beheaded Roy Diyach. She was warned that if her husband fails to fulfill the promise entire family will have to face death.

Confusion of Bijal

When Annirai’s proclamation was announced in the village of Bijal, he was not home. On returning when he came to know what his wife has done, he felt shocked and stunned as the Ray Diyach was King who takes care of all the citizen of his Kingdom as his own sons and was famous for donating or giving the things to needy people. In the Sindhi language giving means “Diyan” probably because of this instead of original name “Khnghar” he was known as the Rai Diyach. King Ray Diyach also has fame of being a music lover king and a person remaining behind his words, he always fulfilled promise made by him. Bijal didn’t want to be reason for beheading of such generous King, but he has to face the death if he fails to do so. Greedy wife was also persisting for to complete the job finally Beejal came out of confusion and decided to go to Junagad.

Killing Rai Diyach

On reaching to Junagad Bijal sat near the fort and started playing his musical instrument. According to his hopes he was called by Rai Diyach to his Palace and performs there. Beejal sings and played the instrument for six continuous nights [this story is included in Shah Jo Risalo as the Sur Sorath, one among the 30 surs or the chapters] and every time Rai Diyach was offering a lot of wealth to him which was refused by Bijal. Finally Rai Diyach give word that he will fulfill wish of Bijal and will give whatever he wants. Beejal asked for the head of Rai Diyach. Ministers of Rai Diyach and even Queen Sorath requested Bijal for taking anything else. On refusal of Beejal, Rai Diyach himself cut his head which was given to Bijal.

Tragic end of Story

With the head of Rai Diyach, Bijal reached to court of Annirai Rathor. Looking at the head of Rai Diyach instead of being pleased Annirai angrily asked Bijal to leave his Kingdom for Killing such a generous King. Bejal was so unhappy that he rushed back to Junagad, where Sorath who in love of her husband has decided not to live without him and about to enter pyre prepared for the funeral of Rai Diyach. Bijal handed over the head to her and she entered into fire. This is said that Bijal also ended his life by entering the same fire.