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Sundri Uttamchandani

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Biography : Sundri Uttamchandani

Sindhi Woman - Sindhi Literature
20th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1986

sundariSindhi literature was considered as the field unsuitable for the Sindhi women but first Popati Hiranandani, then Sundri Uttamchandani, Kala Prakash and in the recent times Vimmi Sadarangani, Dr. Kamla Goklani, Indira Poonawala and many more sindhi women are dominating and expressing their expertise in the nontraditional fields like Sindhi literature.

Sundri Uttamchandani, or more popular known as “Sundri” was born on 28th Sept 1924 at Hyderabad Sindh. Hyderabad is said to be land of Educationist, Writers, Poets & those who care about the Sindhi Culture. This might be the effect of so many mythological stories narrated to her by grandparents that even from early childhood Sundri was finding Sindhi literature and culture an interesting field. Her first literary work was published when she was in the college as the translation of a short story with Sindhi title “Bhadur Maao Ji Bahadur Deeah”.

This might be influence of freedom fighter and Encyclopedia of Sindhi literature Assandas Uttamchandani, her husband and legendary people like Prof M U Malkani with whom she used to meet during the weekly literary meetings. In the year 1953 he came with her first novel “Kirandar Deewaroon” and shown her presence in the male dominated Simdhi literature arena in grand style. Very shortly in the year 1956 “Preet Purani Reet Niraali” her second novel was published and proved to be best seller as this book was reprinted for five times.

Sundri brought a new flavor to Sindhi literature as her writings were the true expression for the homely Sindhi language. Though her both the novels proved path braking but soul of Sundri was lying with short stories and she enjoys more of this type of literary creations. Some of her popular short stories are BHOORI, HI SHAHAR and KHEER BARIYA HATHRA.

Sundri also expressed herself in poetic version though this was not the way of traditional Sindhi poetry as she was more comfortable with free verse. Any how she has credit for four Poetry collections along with more than 250 stories, four novels and 12 plays. In the year 1986 she was felicitated with prestigious Sahitya Academy Award for her creation “Vichhoro”.

Alike her husband A J Uttam, Sundri is also recipient of “Soviet Land Award” for her creations “Bharat Roos ba Banh Beli”. She also contributed as the Radio, TV and stage artist and went on establishing “Sindhu Nari Sabha” for Sindhi women.

On 8 July 2013 she passed away. She is survived by her two daughters Asha Chand and Geeta Khiyani.

Literary work : Publications

Literary creations of Sundri Uttamchandani are : [In order of from latest to oldest] 

2011 - Chanchala [Hindi Translation] 
2004 - Daath bani aa laat
2001 - Nakhreliyun
2000 - Sindhu
1999 - Atam Vishwas
1993 - Bharat Russ Ba Bahn Beli
1992 - Kheryal Dharti
1992 - Murk Te Manah
1989 - Yugantar
1985 - Vichhoro
1979 - Bhoori
1975 - Nai Sabhyata Jo Darshan
1970 - To Jin Jee Taat
1965 - Achaa Vaar Gaara Gula
1966 - Aman Sade Peyo
1963 - Hik Sassui Sao Soor
1956 - Preet Purani Reet Niralee
1953 - Kirandar Deewarun

She was also associated with some telefilms like Bandhan, Vilayati Ghot Ji Goliha, Kitty Party, Bhoori and Insaf. 

Sundri Uttamchandani Awards

Beside the prestigious Sahitya Academy Award Sundri Uttamchandani was also felicitated with

Soviet Land Nehru Peace award
Guarav Purskar [Maharashtra Government]
Life Time Achievement [by NCPSL]
Citetion from Sindhi Akademi, Delhi
Award from Hindi Directorate
Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha