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Suresh Keswani

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suresh_keswaniFamous Sindhi Industrialist & Politician : Suresh Keswani

Suresh Keswani has achieved an unique honor among the Sindhis as he belongs to truly rare class of Sindhis who went on become member of Rajya Sabha [upper house of Parliament of India]. Suresh was born as the son of Rukminidevi and Atalrai at Larkana Sindh on 18th October 1942.

His success story matched with many of other Sindhi industrialist, Politicians and leaders in the sense that though their early childhood experiences the pains of partition of country and migration to India. They witness the hard struggle of parents for resettling and getting back to economic roots and in a bit different socio economic environment.

Suresh Keswani is unique personality as unlike the Sindhi youth masses of his time he went to get higher educational qualification, He passed B.A. from Elephantine College, University of Bombay, completed his studies for degrees of L. L. B. and M. A. [Economics] from Pune University.

On 24th December 1970 he got married with Shakuntala. He started his life as the professional manager and management consultant but very shortly entered into business, strong hold arena of Sindhi community as the Promoter and Chairman of Keswani Synthetics Industries Limited situated at Ankaleshwar in Gujarat.

Suresh Keswani a person with very rich experiences of life and active with several corporate, social and cultural organizations is truly source of inspiration for modern young sindhi generations. In the public service domain he has worked as
Chairman [1980-81] of CIDCO [City & Industrial Development corporation of Maharashtra]
MELTRON [1992-1995] Maharashtra Electronics Corporation Ltd.
During the years 1994 to 1996 he served Air India and Indian Airlines in the capacity of on board Director.

On the political fields Suresh Keswani is associated with Congress [I] party and went on become member of Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra in April 1996 on party ticket. during his long illustrated political career, this man of vast knowledge in diversified fields has worked as member of [1996-1998] Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Defense and Standing Committee on Defense but before that he has experience of working with a few state level committee like

1982-1984 Advisory Committee for Industries, Government of Maharashtra
1984-1987 Telephone Advisory Committee, Bombay Telephones
1988-1995 Sales Tax Advisory Committee, Government of Maharashtra

He has a very keen interest in Golf and other sports. He is Director of Twin City Golf Club Limited, Mumbai, President of Bombay Presidency Radio Club, Mumbai and associated with many other clubs and social institutions as member including Cricket Club of India & Rotary.

He is closely associated and much active in his capacity of Vice President with Sindhi Academy New Delhi. Presently he is living at Colba suburb of Mumbai.