Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Swami Sarvanand

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Biography : Swami Sarvanand

Satguru Satguru Swami Sarvanand Ji Maharaj

sarvanand01Native of Bhit, Sindh Ishwari bai and Shevakram Dganjani will always considered among the selective class of parents who were blessed by God for being allowed to shape and look after the childhood of future spiritual master. This couple was the mother & father of Swami Sarvanand , to whom spiritual powers of great Saint Kavi Sai Tenuram were transferred. In the October month of 1898, when this child was born, maternal uncle Sain Tenooram named him as "Sirumal".

The boy grow up in the pleasant shadows of uncle in an environment of spiritual talks of various saints of Sindh. Swami Ji were used to took the boy Seerumal with them to various cities and villages of sindh and boy was always ready to serve swami ji in silence.

People agreed with the miracle of physical transfer of spiritual powers of Swami Tenuram with seerumal, who now was known as Swami Sarvanand, as after becoming the successor a divine shine was always visible on the face of Swami ji. Beside taking care of Amrapur Ashram at Tando Aadam swami Sarvanand's started visiting and educating the masses about the true meaning of religion and ultimate aim of human life. Partition of country in 1947 forced Swami Ji to shift to India, to the his real working land.

In the year 1952, swami ji established Amrapur Asthan at Jaipur in Rajasthan. Presently this place is activities controlling centre of Prem Prakash Mandal . For devotees and followers of the panth this place hold the same value and importance of first Amrapur Asthan at Tando Adam. Every year in the month of April, people of Jaipur witness a special celebration at Amrapur Asthan.

Swami were good writer also and holds a very good command over the Hindi language also. Swami complied Prem Prakash Granth by own devotional poems. Today for the followers of the panth this hold the value which Guru Granth sahib have for a Sikh. Beside writing the biography of Sai Tenu ram, credit goes with Swami Sarvanand for bringing many ancient religious episodes like Yamraj Nichketa for first time in Hindi poetry.

There are several evidence when swami went on utilizing the spiritual power to remove the difficulties and distress of devotees. In one of such episode a devotee from Biyawar came to Jaipur at Swami with his young son, who lost his voice and all the modern medical science fail to provide remedy for the son. Swami ji asked to them to pray at Samadhi [Physical rest place] of Swami Tenuram and bring water from there. Swami took some water and sprinkle it on son and ask him to say Satnam Sakhi, this was the expression of spiritual powers of Swami ji that when the boy was asked fifth time to say Satnam Sakhi, he slowly pronounced the words.

This was routine of Swami ji to visit once a year to various Prem Prakash Mandirs and Ashrams at various cities of India and abroad. Swami ji were also with the powers of looking into future, once in Manila they told to Gangaram Dadlani about their last visit to abroad and appointment of Swami Shanti Prakash for blessing the devotees.

On 21st July 1977 Swami Ji left the physical world as per their will body was taken to Haridwar for "Jal samadhi" in the holly water of heavenly river Ganga.