Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Swami Shanti Prakash

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shantiprakash01Biography : Satguru Swami Shanti Prakash Ji Maharaj

The third master of Prem Prakash Mandal Swami Shanti Prakash, The name it self is suggestive of light of peace. [In Hindi Shanti means Peace and Prakash means light] He was born in the year 1907 at Chak village of sakhar district as the son of Shri Asudomal Pohuja and his childhood name was Khairajmal .

During the times of schooling when he was in the forth standard, the area went under the influence of Small pox and as a result Khairajmal lost his eye sight. Doctors concluded for this as the non curable loss. Father took the son to Shahpur Thalho native place of famous saint Sain Harchuram sahib and asked son to live with Sain to serve him for getting the blessings. After three years when father once again asked Sant ji for blessings and requested about the eye sight of the boy. Sain Harchuram sahib replied "Don't bother about the lost of sight of son, he will not only show the light of spiritual path to masses but also will be known among the most popular saints of sindh." today the words of Sant ji are a proven truth. On meeting with Swami Tenu Ram sahib, Khairajmal requested for Guru Mantra. Swami the took him to Amrapur ashram at Tando Adam where he served not only the swami ji but various other religious and spiritual masters who were visiting Aashram from time to time. Swami gave him new name "Shanti Prakash" and started to looking after the proper religious education of him.

Swami Shanti Prakash stayed for more than three years at Haridwar for the study of Shashtra and Upanishads and went to Amritsar for deep study of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Gyani Hameersingh [teacher of Swami Shanti Prakash] was surprise with the sharp memory of swami ji as they were able to repeat all the Gurbani Shabad, sloks and the even the explanation only after listening once. After returning back to Ashram at Tando Adam swami started visiting various places of Sindh with swami Tenuram and Sant Udhavdas sahib.

After the partition Swami ji decided to choose Ulhasnagar as the center of their humanitarian activities and social reforms hence Swami Tenuram Prem Prakash Ashram came in existence and in very short time become pilgrimage place for many thousands of devotees. As the partition resulted in creation of numerous problems for the Sindhi Community so swami ji decided to help the suffering people with various schemes for social welfare. "Janta Janardhan Parishad" was registered as social trust and various works like running the elders home, providing economic help at the time marriage of girl and Medical aid to poor and needy people, educational scholarships for the deserving students etc. were started. Swami Tenuram Ashram at Ulhasnagar doesn't remain only the religious place but many educational and social seminars were also conducted here.

Once the world famous eye surgeon Padam Shri Dr. M C Modi, who conducted two camps for free eye operations at this Ashram said " I am here for the blessing from Swami Shanti Prakash Sahib, who is operating human minds to fill the human life with the light of spirituality and serving to mankind, he is the more perfect surgeon than me because by eye operation I am trying to provide just the capacity of vision but he is providing the strength to utilize this vision."

I wish to share with reader my personal experience when Swami ji were at Gandhinagar Kolhapur [way back in 80's ] a desire was born in my heart about visit of Swami ji's to our house and having breakfast there. Almost all the devotee find it hard as our family among the consumers of non vegetarian food and according to devotees swami ji never visit such families. Any way I thought of taking a chance with my luck and went to house of Late Shri Radhomal Wadhwa - stay place of Swami ji at Gandhinagar. Kaka Radhamal Ji took me to Swami for my first meeting with them. It was surprise for many devotees because next morning the first house in Gandhinagar visited by Swami ji was our house, where they stayed for more time than any else place, though they didn't took breakfast with us but performed "Palav" and sprinkled the bless water even to our Kitchen.

Swami shanti Prakash Maharaj ji were not just yet another great spiritual master but also among the great social reformers born in Sindhi community. Swami ji were the President of Sunder Sevak Sabha Ulhasnagar, the institution instrumental for smooth running Swami Sarvanand Hospital, Nari shala and Bal Mandir. Swami ji were also president of some other institutions like Shree Radheshyam Gau Shala and Swarag Dham shamshan Bhoomi etc.

Physical existence of swami ji came to end on 15th August 1992, in Amrit Vela at 4:00 AM. when swami ji were in air travel for Singapore. The physical body is no more with us but the ideology and inspiring works are there to motivate us and keep the world filled with light of peace for the generations to come. Satnam Sakhi and Jai Shree Krishna are the often spoken words of swami ji.