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tanhiriSindhi Rice - Tanhiree


Tanhiree is unique rice recipe of Sindhi Community. This sweet rice dish is often distributed as the sesa of Sindhi Deity Jhulelal. Sindhi Wedding ceremony also didn't completed without Tanhiree as food prepared for the Sathu - a marriage ritual- essentially have Sai Bhaji and Tanhiree.

History: Tanhiree was typical wedding sindhi recipes, still at small cities sindhi cook Tanhiree as special food on Sathu a ritual associated with Sindhi Marriage.


500gm Rice[100gms / person], 200gm Gud/Sugar [For sweet taste], 2-3 piece Dry Coconut [Donghee], 15 Kari Drakh [..........], 1 Table Spoon Vaduf [aniseed], Water [1 lit. approx. wordpress depends on the quality of rice used ], 150gm Oil [May vary according to your eating habits]

Cooking Process

Dissolve Gud/Sugar in small quantity of water to get sweet solution.
Cut dry coconut into small pieces.
Heat oil in cocking vessel, add water & Vaduf.
Add rice when water starts boiling.
Add sweet solution, coconut pieces, Kari Drakh [Dry Fruit Optional] to half cooked rice and allow rice to be cooked fully.

Did  you Know: [Kitchen Tips]

Bitterness of Karela (Bitter gourds) can be reduced by keeping in water with pinch of salt for 30 minutes.
Tomato not only only stimulate digestive juices but also helps in curing from stomach ulcer.
Adding a pinch of sugar while cooking spinach and green leafy vegetables helps in retaining green color.