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Tarial Patata

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tariyal_patataTarial Patata

This is most common subsidiary Sindhi vegetable which is often served with another principle vegetable. Tarial Patata are also served at breakfast with Sauoon and Phulka.


Patata medium sized 4-5 , - Red Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, - Coriander powder, - Oil for deep fry, Salt to taste, green coriander leaves 1-2 chopped for decoration.

Cooking Process

Wash the potato and peel of the skin. [In Ulhasnagar and some other cities skin is not peeled off].
Make medium thick circles [Due to this shape this dish is also known as Gol Patata] in salted water [you can also cut potato in long pieces].
Take sufficient oil in fry pan wordpress for deep fry, heat for a while.
Add potato pieces and salt to taste do remember there is a bit of salt with potato allow to cook.
Take out the extra oil mix powders.
If you wish decorate with coriander leaves.


Useful Kitchen Tips

Place an apple in the bag of potatoes, it will prevents potatoes from budding.
To get most juice from the fresh lemon kept in the refrigerator, roll under the palm on the kitchen platform to bring them at room temperature.
Drop in a peeled potato piece to accidentally over-salt a dish while it's still cooking.
Did you know in the olden days, a pinch of sugar was added while boiling corn to bring out the corn's natural sweetness.
Rubbing the forehead with cut lime is the best medicine for head ache available in kitchen.