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Vasudev Nirmal

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Biography Vasudev Nirmal

Famous Sindhi Poet – Sindhi Drama – Sindhu Kala Mandir –Sindhi Gazal
40th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award  2007

vasudev_nirmalToday after almost seven decades of partition of the country we can’t even imagine the pains, humiliation and sense of insecurity under which migrant Sindhis went in 1947. Situation gets more worst and miserable when it is being faced by a boy of just 11 years who had been forced to migrate with mother and aware of the fact that at Mumbai, India, baring the maternal uncle no one is there to help him to defeat all these unwanted adverse situations.

This was the starting point of life journey of famous Sindhi poet, Dramatist, screen play writer and many literary awarding winning Vasudev Vensimal Madhav who in the world of Sindhi language and literature is known as the Vasudev Nirmal. He was born on 02 June 1936 at Karachi Sindh and reached Mumbai in 1948 a few days prior to assignation of father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Though his original name is Vasudev Vensimal Madhav but because of his pen name "Nirmal" he is more popular and better known with name Vasudev Nirmal. Assignation of father of nation was not shocking news for him as his mind was more concentrated on thinking about the distance and the lot of walking, which he has to do daily, for his education in a Sindhi School. Overcoming to all the odds he become graduate of Engineering [B.E. (civil)] from the Poona [Pune] University. Very shortly he was on the pay roll of Mumbai Municipal Corporation and when retired was working as Dy. Chief Engineer.

His professional commitments were forcing him to draw lines and sketches for the dams, roads and other infrastructural projects but his inner world, the wounded soul suffering pains of partition was inspiring him for something else. Since the 1952 he started writing poems and play some of them were also published in local news papers. As far as money is concerned Vasudev had not earn much from it but this was satisfying his soul. Besides the poems, he also wrote plays, essays and even adaptations and translation. In the latter half of his life he also becomes active as script writer for many musical features for AIR and Door Darshan. It was his screen play and dialogues with which recent Sindhi film “Parewari” was released in 2001. So we can say that he had worked with almost every field of Sindhi language and literature but still it can be said that Sindhi Gazal is his first love.

Vasudev was felling that all this creativity was proving insufficient to fulfill thrust of his soul so he along with likeminded people such as Dr. Moti Prakash, S.P. Menghani, and Kirat Babani went on establish Sindhu Kala Mandir a unique and phenomenal contribution of him to Sindhi theater. His participation didn’t ends with being the founder member of institution but was expanded into capacity of actor, writer and director of many plays for this Sindhi stage. He is Hon. Gen. Secretary Sindhi Sahitya Mandal since 1970.

According to him his true beloved is the she who is with him since last forty years with name of Purnima. He also admits that instead of being just wife, she is life companion and very first reader, besides being the critic, for every literary creation of him. This is she whose approval means the final for going ahead with that writing. After retirement from the service of Mumbai Municipal Corporation he is living at Juhu but still serving the Sindhi language and literature in his own ways and style. He teaches Sindhi to those who desire to learn and were deprived of formal Sindhi school.

After a quite long period of age related health problems Vasudev Nirmal breathed last on 10 April 2017, the day of Golden Jubilee of inclusion of Sindhi language in Indian contitution .

Literary Work – Publications

Some of more popular creations Vasudev Nirmal are listed below:

1965: Hi Pyaso Man Munhinjo [Sindhi Drama]
1966: Pyaar Kare Dis [Sindhi Drama]
1970: Munhinjaa Sur Ain Tunhinja Geet [Poems]
1972: Paataal [Translation] and Palau Pali [Sindhi Drama]
1980: Sasu Ree Sasu [One Act Plays] and Shaddi Ta Kar [Sindhi Drama]
1981: Ama Tokhe Khabar Ahe? [Children Literature]
1982: Love Letter [Sindhi Drama]
1984: Hai Munhiji Dil [Sindhi Drama]
1991: Choond Marathi Kahaniyoon [Translation]
1988: Hayee Haat [Poems] and Zaroorat Aa Ghot Ji [Sindhi Drama]
2000: Lade Ladi Aandi Par [Lyrics]


Vasudev Nirmal is recipient of many awards besides the Academy Award in 2007 for Vijoon Vasan Aayoon some other awards are:

Soviet Land Nehru Peace Award
Award by NCERT, Govt. of India
Award by Central Hindi Directorate, Govt. of India
Sahitya Akademi Prize [Translation 1991]
Lifetime Achievement Award by Akhil Bharati Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha